Broiler Toasted M&C

I used to make this stuff all day, using the salamander2 at the restaurant. Here, I’m using my toaster oven’s broiler feature (and kinda reviewing the toaster oven)

Using the package you most like. The one pictured is Kraft’s Deluxe Creamy. I didn’t like it as much as the regular stuff. Great taste, I just like the regular is all.

As you get your pot of water to boil, turn your broiler device on. This one I used is a Courant toaster oven (it’s meh).

Once the water boils, put in the pasta & bring it back to a boil. Now. . . turn off the burner/heating element, stir, & cover for 10 minutes.
That’s right, I said turn it off. This will get the pasta al dente’ (a little firm). I have been cooking pasta this way for many years, & have even included it in some of the restaurants.

After draining, mix the sauce in the pasta as per instructions.

Here, is where you have some options. You can:

  • Sprinkle some garlic powder over the top & mix it in.
  • Transfer the M&C to a (well buttered) [glass] container 1

Next, either add some shredded cheese, or sprinkle some paprika over the top (see pix).
Place the ramekin in the broiler area & broil till brown (about 10 minutes).

This will give you a very nice crunchy top. In the final pictures, I added some shredded cheese & paprika & broiled it as best the toaster oven could do. Not quite toasty, but certainly delicious.

Other options to try:

Use regular elbow macaroni, & some Velveeta cheese, adding a little shredded (real) cheddar to the top. Want a little more? Cut up a hot dog, & stir it in after frying it (separately) first.

1 Corningware Grab it bowls or French Onion soup bowls or a ramekin is fine.

2 A salamander in a restaurant is an open flame broiler that finishes dishes or adds a bit of flame broiling.




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