Popcorn in a bag or Microwave your own

A little update: The microwave oven plays an very important role here. When I first made this, I was using my old Panasonic microwave (1000W). Now I’m using a brand new Samsung microwave of the same wattage, & there is a difference.

The microwave died in between containers of popcorn, so I have that comparison. I also bought fresh popcorn. The popcorn that I made the day before, in the Panasonic popped larger, than the next day when I used the Samsung. I can let the popcorn go longer than the 128 mark (see below), actually to two minutes! They aren’t as bulky, even with a fresh container of popcorn.

The Samsung has other great features to “save” it of course, but I did want to point this out in the event some people weren’t getting as great a pop. I may try one of those popcorn bowls w/& w/o the inserts, & update this again.


Here is a more healthy choice for microwaved popcorn.

Healthy, faster & WAY cheaper!

You can control the amount of popcorn per serving (2-4Tbsp), as well as the amount of butter & salt you do, or do not put on it. As you can see from the picture, I have a new (Tupperware) popcorn bowl that I use. I use three tablespoons of popcorn kernels each time.
From there, I use a 50% reduced sodium (Morton) salt, & about two Tbsp (Tablespoons) of butter. I drizzle a little butter, add a sprinkle of salt, ‘flip’ the popcorn in the bowl, repeat till the butter is used up.

In the picture I have Jolly Time (brand) popcorn, & it has a very corn taste to it, & pretty much pops all of the kernels each time. They don’t all pop, I don’t think any popcorn kernels, all pop.
You can use a cheaper or store brand, but the amount that doesn’t pop may be more. I have also used more premium popcorn kernels (twice the price of JT), & it came out meh to ok. You may like the other brands, give them a try. JT just works for me.

So here is what you do.

  • Get a pack of ‘lunch bags’ also known as (AKA) sandwich bags, brown bags.
  • Measure in about 3 tablespoons of kernels.
  • Roll bag down, pretty tightly (firmly), but give the popcorn room to grow (see pics).
  • Place in microwave (The one shown is 1000W)  —DO NOT USE POPCORN BUTTON .
  • Listen for the pops! I always set the timer to three (3:00) minutes, & stop it when there is 1:28 left. Not just 1.72. You need to listen for perfect popcorn. Easiest way to explain it. This way it doesn’t burn (unless you like that). You can reuse the brown bag quite a few times, thus saving the planet & a few pennies. Tips: Be sure the microwave plate is clean & dry. Lay the bag of popcorn down on it’s side (it usually falls over anyhow). My microwaves turn on a glass plate, your probably does (just an FYI).That’s it peeps! No adding salt oil or water to your bag. Just the popcorn kernels. Make as tight a ‘seal’ as you can by folding the top down a little. You can fold in the two corners if you’d like. Enjoy.

    You can pop about 5 tablespoons of kernels at a time, which will give your popcorn the space to pop nicely. I have tested using 1 tablespoon. One to two tbsp will usually pop more of the kernels, but not every time, & four tbsp is a very good size.

    I believe 8-12 Tbsp is a full bag of that packaged stuff, but don’t quote me on it.

    You can add your flavoring after popping, just like any other popcorn, you don’t have to stick to just butter.
    Sometimes I like to use an oil sprayer, & sprinkle some black pepper & Parmesan cheese.
    A secret to this is to pop the amount you want, then pour into a paper grocery bag. Spray the popcorn with oil or butter, add your flavorings, & shake.
    The large grocery (paper) bag will help mix it better. You can use a huge bowl if you’d like & just flip the popcorn, but shaking is fun (kinda).



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