Kopy Kat Italian Dressing Packet

Taste is important. Even though we all know how we need to cut back on our salt & sugar intake. You also know that making something yourself is going to taste way better than something packaged in a production plant. As many who know me, know that I’m pretty darned good at coming up with kopy kat recipes, & have contributed to various web sites over the years.

I came across a few for the packaged Italian dressing, that I thought sounded good. I of course made it, & modified it a bit to suit me. Here is where I made some adjustments & compared the tastes. I also reduced the amount of salt.

3  tablespoons bell pepper (dehydrated) If you make your own that’s 1 medium bell pepper
1  tablespoon dried chives
1  tablespoon dried parsley
2  teaspoons garlic powder
2  teaspoons onion powder
1  teaspoon dried oregano- I subed Italian herb seasonings
1/2 teaspoon celery seed
1/2 teaspoon dried mustard – use the good stuff
3  tablespoons sugar
2  tablespoons salt- I use reduced sodium
1 1/2 teaspoons black pepper – any style you like
2  teaspoons citric acid
1/4 cup dry pectin (optional holds it together) This is about 1 box.

You can just fold, mix or shake everything together. Be sure to have your herbs nearly minced, as you want a whole lot of surface area, & it’s a salad dressing, you want it small.

You can toss it in your blender if you’d like, but the powder may turn to dust. Now, 2 tablespoons of the above will equal one packet of the envelope stuff. This, is good to know in recipes that call for one envelope.

Seal in an air tight container or vacuum seal.

Mix in the carafe, as you would the packet. I like to let the herbs & bell pepper soak for a few hours (over night is good). You can just soak it in the carafe, or use the 2 tbsp of water. I just make it up & let it absorb. The oil will separate enough so everything will re hydrate.

I also use apple cider vinegar & olive oil. We all know that ‘they’ mix/cut their olive oil with cheap oil, so get as good as you can. Or use any type of oil you like.



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