How to restaurant chiffonade

I want to clear up early on, how to cut those little herbs & leaves, with out losing your mind.

The method is called chiffonade. It’s pretty much stacking the leaves & rolling them. After you have them rolled up, you start cutting them.

Though time consuming, you can stack your leaves with the large ones on the bottom, & the small ones on top. Or. . .you can just bunch them together in a roll & start cutting. Believe me, in the (real) kitchen there isn’t time to stack them in nice little piles. It sure looks nice when you have the time, but cut (diced chopped), bits of green leafy stuff is going to look like other bits of green leafy stuff, when cut; stacked or not.

I have lettuce here first for a visual (also great for salad & sandwich). The second is parsley. I chose parsley because I have seen a few articles, & they use nicely stacked basil or spinach leaves.

So in text it’s like this:

Clean & prep (are) your leafy stuff. Roll it up as tightly as you can with out breaking it. An easy roll is fine. Start cutting. Boom, done.

You can roll that & get it real fine if you’d like, or squish it together & have at it with your knife till you get the small little pieces that you need.

Additionally, you can take your kitchen shears to this as well. Sure that’s ‘cheating’, but maybe your cutting board is being used already.

That’s it, real easy, nice & simple. For those really pressed for time, you can use an herb cutter, or a coffee grinder.

Those are a bit messy, but it’s very fast, & you can toss the stems in for resistance!



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