Bisque & Pate’ for the furry friends

Alright, this article is for your furry children, especially your older ones, but certainly those that like (LOVE) those little packets of broth & bisque.

My friend Lori has rescue pets that are seniors, that is to say, most all of her pets are seniors. Living over twenty years.
Anyhow, as the pets age too, they need more dental care, have eating issues & the like. So I set out with a task in making up some pet/animal/furry friendly recipes.

First, I want to say that there are foods which your furry friends CAN NOT EAT! Follow this list, keep it in mind.

I’m not saying this link is any better than others, just one to view.

I am part of the ‘cook it for them, keep everyone safe club’. This isn’t a replacement food recipe, this is for supplement or boutique foods.

Always talk with your vet about a healthy & balanced diet.

Below are the ‘recipes’ that I used to make bisque, for Bert (Sherbert), who has been having a few issues of late.
I want to warn you also, that ‘you will become’ their BFF more so, after you start making this stuff. So be warned!!


I started out with a simple couple pieces of frozen chicken thighs (bone in, skin on), & about 3 cups of water. I put this in the pan &  turned it on medium high, & let it boil for about an hour.
I wanted the meat to come off the bone, so that I could further boil out the nutrients in the bone. So I drained the meat, let it cool, separated the bone & the skin, & put that into another pan of water (about 1/4 cup), & boiled that to extract as much as I could. I didn’t
cut the bone any, just let it boil.

The meat that I had, I hand chopped, before putting it in my chopper/blender. At this point, Bert decided he was ready to eat, so had a few pieces as I tried to get it ready.

I use my Cuisinart Smart Stick, for much of my prep work (one of those freebies I keep getting). (Sub note: It doesn’t topple easily & doesn’t upset any pets). Anyhow I tossed the chicken in the blender part with out any additional water, & made a pate’.

The pate’ wasn’t a great hit with Bert, as the chopped chicken by itself was, though I hear that it was popular with some of his friends.
From the pate’, I added the reduced water from boiling-now known as broth, into a pan, mixed well, & made a bisque. The pictures are of Bert dining on the bisque.
Additional pictures are of Tucker & Eddie, cleaning out the mixing bowl (with a little extra added in, of course).


The recipe (all three cat recipes lobster, liver etc.) is this:

chicken, lobster, livers, (meat/protein) & so on

Nothing else. Just those two. No need to add anything.
I used two scrawny frozen chicken thighs with about two cups of water, adding water as it boiled down for a total of about 3 cups. I probably could have used more water as I made the bisque, as it would easily ‘hold’ about three or four cups of water. Boiled down it was about 1 1/4 cups of (water) broth.

The next day, I made some tuna fish, as well as some chicken liver (pate’ & bisque). Bert is very happy with the chicken liver bisque.
With the can of tuna, I again pureed the meat, & added some water. I left the tuna at room temp & added half a can of warm water.
It was more of a “eat this, while I’m making this”, that didn’t work. Chicken livers were going to be the meal in his mind, & that was it!

With the chicken livers, I opened the tub they were in & put them in a pan. Blood & all. I rinsed out the tub for a total of about 6 cups of water. I boiled the livers for a little bit, about twenty minutes. I wanted the livers a bit soft.
Though I did hand out a small portion, I made a pate of about 1/4 of the tub & made a bisque of the rest (reduced broth-water was about 3 cups).

The packets that Bert usually eats weigh about 1.4 ounces (wet) & cost around a buck (with tax). The cost of the tub of chicken livers was about 1.98 (no tax) & made about 32 ounces of bisque. So about 23 times as much. Or, if two packs cost 2.00 & weigh 2.8 ounces (wet), twelve times with a savings of around 32 bucks (less water, & heat).

Additionally, I could have used about 6 cups of water to the bisque & still had it rich & flavorful, but leaning towards the thin side. I was going for super charged. Also, checking with Lori, the other cats are quite happy with the chicken liver bisque as well. Over 40 years in the kitchen & the cat. . .never mind (face palm).

Again, this isn’t to replace their meals, this is to supplement & fill the seniors who may not chew as much as they could. Check with your veterinarian if you want to make these as the main meal, please.


Pretty much, this simple. Just add water & love-BAM!!!


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