Peppermint Popcorn

Alright, I was dinking around & made some (easy) peppermint popcorn. You can get more elaborate, doing the white chocolate separate from the mint, which is fine; this is just faster.

The recipe, though modified, came from the internet. I wanted it simple, easy & quick. I went over quite a few recipes, & a few that just didn’t have it. You can make this in bulk for the holiday party, if you’d like. It holds up pretty well too.


Main recipe is this. If you’d like just chocolate, substitute the mint candy, for chocolate.

1 bag of kettle corn (You want the mushroom popcorn). You can pop your own or buy a already made bag (I won’t tell).

20 pieces of Hershey’s white chocolate peppermint kisses (minced & chopped or all minced) divided (15 & 5)

1 tsp cooking oil I use olive oil (veggie oil is fine)

salt (optional)

Get a baking sheet & butter it, or use parchment paper. I buttered mine & tossed it in the freezer to help cool the warm/coated popcorn.

OPTION 2 Recipe (more homemade)

Pop 9-12 tablespoons of regular popcorn (see article) remove un-popped pieces

20 pieces of Hershey’s white chocolate peppermint kisses (minced & chopped or all minced) divided

1 tsp cooking oil (veggie oil is ok)

1/2 tsp peppermint extract/oil (food safe, not the stuff in your candle making kit)

salt (optional)

Get a baking sheet & line it with cellophane (plastic) wrap
Pour popcorn into large popcorn bowl. Set aside.
Chop up 15 pieces of candy & put in a microwave safe bowl with the oil.
Mince the remaining 5 pieces, which you’ll sprinkle over the mixed popcorn when it’s on the baking sheet.
Nuke the 15 pieces for 30 seconds & stir. Nuke for another 12 seconds & stir again.

Add peppermint extract & stir (optional)

Spoon over popcorn that is in the bowl & stir (flip for the talented). Keep doing this, till you’re out of melted candy. Melted candy & bowl will be HOT
Stir & fold (or bowl flip) popcorn a few times to mix the warm candy & to coat as much of the popcorn as you can.
Spread that on to the baking sheet (I used a 1/4 sheet pan & the one from my toaster oven, see pics).
Sprinkle the 5 pieces of minced candy over the top & let it cool. I stuck it back in the freezer. I also opted to sprinkle some salt over it, as I love the contrast of sweet & salty.


If you used a bag of kettle corn, you can put the coated popcorn back in (recycle), after it’s cooled. Otherwise, put it in a bowl.

Secret ingredient? Sprinkle some instant chocolate over the still warm popcorn. Not a lot, just a dusting. Ginger, cinnamon & such are also very good toppers this way.

Tips: You can shave cut two-three pieces easy, by rocking your knife & cutting/shaving the candy with the back of the blade. Then just ‘chop’ the shaved bits till it’s smaller. This helps speed up the melting process, & makes for better coverage, when sprinkling.

If you use your grinder attachment, be sure to do it in small batches, as the motor may heat up the candy & melt it, especially on your little coffee/spice grinders-FYI.


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