Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is important. We all don’t always have the convenience of time to sit down & make one. For the last few years, I have leaned towards a sandwich for breakfast, in some form or another. Here is one of the more simple & pretty filling breakfast sandwich that you can make yourself. You can make a “batch” of them & toss them in the fridge or freezer, & nuke one while the coffee (or tea) is brewing.

For the sausage in this sausage & egg muffin, I use my recipe for breakfast sausage. Yep, I made two articles out of one product, but I like these little things. When I don’t have an English muffin, I will change that recipe up a little & use toasted bread, & sometimes will use (the more healthy) ham, or the more flavorful Genoa salami (yum).

You can leave out the egg or the meat, or even the muffin if you’d like (lettuce is alright too, though a little hot to handle). If you’d like, you can add one of those toaster hash browns to this, or (to fit) half a toaster hash brown.

I’m also slipping in a neat way to cook your egg so it’s round. Canning jar rings. You can usually buy them in a box of 12, & they come in a few sizes. The ones that I am using here, are the little jar kind. The ones (jars) that are gifted out with a chocolate mocha recipe in it, or some homemade jelly. You can buy the lids & rings as a set, right near the jars, as spares. lids are always getting damaged faster than the jars.

So here is the build:

  • Sausage patty
  • Egg
  • Cheese
  • Muffin

You know the sausage patty is going to fit, because you have read this article of mine, & you’re a genius.


The egg I will now talk about. Get a frying pan, & use the grease drippings from frying up the sausage (another genius move on your part). As this warms up (medium high is a good setting), get your rings. Now it depends on the size of your pan. I had three rings handy, so used three. It also made for better pictures. I also wanted to show how it tends to spill out too. I use jumbo eggs, but went to extra large on the next batch. I did use one jumbo to show the size difference (& wouldn’t you know it, it was a double yoker).

Break the yolks, & fry like any other egg. I show it with & with out a lid. The lid, will cook the top a bit, & can will reduce the cooking time. Or you can just flip the eggs, ring & all. I did both. The rings we use at the restaurant are iron & come linked together as four, & have a handle. The “fancy” ones have a steam lid, where you pour water in & you can walk away from it. The other, you just cook one side till it forms the shape, remove the ring, & flip the eggs.

As you can see in the pix, the small jar lid is about the size of an English muffin. Or at least the English muffins that are sold in America.
Season your eggs the way you like your eggs seasoned. I like my sandwich eggs with salt, granulated garlic, onion powder & black pepper (either cracked fresh or restaurant cut).

Cheese: Not very complicated. This came off a brick of medium cheddar. I usually like sharp or extra sharp, but I wanted it close to the muffin size for the pictures. Plus, it’s about the size we use every day in shop. You can cut the cheese, any way you like to cut the cheese. I used to use piano wires way back, till the conductor got mad about the tunes. Just kidding. I prefer to use my knife. Yes, I said knife. I know how to sharpen it, & can hone it, &. . .I am familiar with how it handles.

Muffin (insert Aerosmith lyric here): I toasted mine, no butter. I did put some ketchup on it though. Goes well with the cayenne pepper that’s in the sausage (IMO). Place everything on the ingredient list, on top of half of the muffin, place other half of muffin on. Done.

You can wrap it with cellophane wrap, slip it in a plastic bag or a piece of aluminum foil. The former two make it easier to nuke the next day. You can also, stack about three of them, back into the muffin bag, if you’d like to, just a suggestion.


From the fridge I used 33-40 seconds & it was hot. Frozen, about 123 seconds. IF you use aluminum foil, as a wrapping, don’t use the microwave.

That’s it, easy enough to do. You can:

Make batches of them in your free time & nuke `em when you need `em
Save a few pennies here & there
Reduce your sodium & chemical intake (at least for this meal)
Head right to your traffic gridlock sooner in the/your morning commute

These are also great at snack time, if you get a snack time meal break. They freeze pretty well, & like any cooked food, hold alright in the fridge.


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