Tempting Furry Treats

Little Eddie wants to share some treat ideas. Seeing that he’s test “puppy” number three, & the youngest rescue/adoptee, he’s more in tune with sharing & networking ideas.

There are a whole mess of recipes for treats. Hard treats, soft treats, shaped treats. Here is my spin on a quick treat for your furries.

It’s quick to make & you can stow it in the fridge, like any other non preserved food.

Bert liked them less baked than the dogs did, but “we” know going in that cats are like that. I think all cats are finicky to some point, or at some point. I know my cat Buddy Love was pretty finicky at times.

2 cups of flour; wheat germ, rolled oats, or whole wheat, or any combo thereof
8 ounces pureed food*
1/16-1/8 C warm water (optional)

Preheat oven to 350° F
Mix ingredients till they are stiff, but moist. Adding water or additional flour to get this.
Roll (by hand, two spoons, or fruit baller) into bit size treats (micro meatballs).
Place on greased or parchment lined cookie/baking sheet.
Cook for about 7 minutes to get a soft treat, 10-15 minutes for a crunchier one. I did this batch at 10 & turned them at 7 minutes.
Anything after that will produce meat flavored rocks. Well, not that bad, but pretty darned dry.


If you like using warmed treats, this is also a great recipe, as you can nuke them.

* what you use is up to you. If you’re looking for a real quick way, I’d suggest grabbing a couple 4 oz jars of baby food. It’s already pureed. Just scoop & blend with the flour. If you want something more creative, make the stuff up yourself with this article. This treat recipe is also great for finishing off any “leftovers” from those mentioned articles, especially if you cook like I do, & have the ever expanding pot. I do confess, my Grandfather was a chef for the Waldorf back in the day, he always started out with a large pot (think lobster boil). “Here, put this on the stove. What are we going to make today?”

Anyhow, you’ll probably go farther (impressing the furries) with meat treats, but you can use veggies too. There are dogs that eat veggies, Tucker comes to mind (could have used him when I was a kid, that’s for sure). Monkey butt is on the fence about veggies.
Experiment a little if you’d like. Do a 50/50. Maybe use the drippings from the meal? Don’t rely on the treat being their meal, it is a treat. A supplement for sure. Always check with your vet to be sure it’s okay for your furry, ie, how much they can or should have. Especially the senior furries. I believe I read that 10% of their diet can/should be healthy treats, but don’t hold me to it.



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