These Products Suck

Here, I am looking forward to your opinion & view points on the equipment that doesn’t quite live up to things (use the comments).

This way, we can share with others, the pieces of equipment that should be looked out for. Maybe causing the companies to get back into making stuff that actually works, not just padding their bank accounts.

There doesn’t have to be a certain age range to the pieces, but products that are most currently being sold is a good start. Honorable mention if you’re talking about a certain line that you’ve had problems with.

I want to update this by letting everyone know that I personally wrote to Cuisinart via Conair with pictures of the rounded gear heads (below). About a month later, I got a single CSB-79 replacement in the mail.



Not bad. Not great, but not bad. So I’ll give them an E for effort, as I didn’t have any receipt handy for a time stamp to prove that I bought the two units (I guess). So, they kind of made it ok, more than right, but certainly better than not doing anything. So they have gone up a couple notches on the Cool O’ Meter.





As an example, I’ll start with the big P.O.S. I ever bought the Cuisinart Smart Stick. Though they were made a few years ago, you can still find the old ones (CSB-77) in stores & on line. I have two of these pieces of $#@%^, both have the same issue which is the motor section gear rounding off. This makes it useless as a breakdown fit in your drawer tool. I see on-line it happens to pretty much everyone who has one, & the company doesn’t even answer snail mail letters. Pretty sad. I did take mine apart & put the motor in contact with the immersion part. I’ll dink around with the blender/chopper, once the motor of assembly 2, no longer drives them. I am hoping to get a little time out of this horrible purchase, as they only lasted about 50 uses.


See, both of them have the same friggin’ issue! Will I buy Cuisinart any longer? NOPE! Not when they make crap like this.

I see also, that the “riveted” blade housing on Cuisinart blenders is recalled because pieces of metal come off (WOW). I see that the recall is for the last 19 years (WHEW)! You can find the recall link here to see if your piece is in the recall. Copy addy go here

So what great items have you bought, only to find it fell apart too soon? Like my GE coffee maker that had the lid break! That happened twice (yeah I got both as a gift)!



Real common is the burner coating coming off with in a few months. My Mr. Coffee (5 cup) is great for that. Were you able to make any easy modifications to fix it?


Like using Loctite (brand) on some pan handle screws, or inserting a little moldable (Insta Morph) plastic into the stove knob?
Yep, seems an overly zealous friend’s, friend was doing some cleaning & “lost” the metal insert on one of the stove knobs. If they were in there a bit more securely, I don’t believe it would have fallen out, but you never know? Anyhow I heated up a bit of my moldable plastic, & with a bit of convincing, made a new piece. So far, the knob area hasn’t become hotter than 140 for an extended period of time.

Use the comments if you have a piece or two that didn’t hold up as you expected. Share your frustrations or concerns with us all. If any of the aforementioned companies step up & do something positive, I’ll update this article (but I won’t hold my breath).


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