Game Day Apps

So, pretty soon the puppy & kitten bowls will be on (February 5th 2017). The fierce competition of the participants will undoubtedly be worth watching, as it is every year. I have some appetizers & a tie in dip, to make up for these two great games. You can make all of them or any of them, neither is dependent on the other.


First will start off with the buffalo chicken.

8 pieces

2 thick slices of cheese quartered
8 Ritz low sodium crackers
1/4 chicken breast sliced
2 Tbsp chicken wing hot sauce
2 Tbsp (apx.) Bleu cheese dressing

Lay down the crackers on a microwave safe plate. Place cheese over each cracker. The thickness of the cheese is about three slices of the packaged stuff. You want it to be able to melt a bit. Set aside
Slice your chicken breast so that the pieces are the size of the cracker (apx). Learn how here. Cook in a medium pan to temperature, put in bowl.
Add wing sauce & toss to coat chicken. Using tongs (your knife-whatever), place 1 piece of chicken on each piece of cheese & cracker. Microwave for about 12-20 seconds (depending on wattage). Drizzle bleu cheese dressing over each one, serve.

Chicken can be diced instead of sliced.
If you have precooked chicken or what have you, that’s fine, just dice the chicken almost minced. Toss with hot sauce, place on cheese on the cracker. You can also make a very cool paste/pate’ out of the chicken, using your chopper (or a blender). Combine the chicken & the hot sauce, spread on crackers first, place cheese over the top, nuke, drizzle dressing, serve.

The tie in dip

1 serving

2 Tbsp wing sauce
2 Tbsp blue cheese dressing

The hot ratio is 1:1, & about 4 Tbsp is 1 serving for a pile of chips. Diet wise, probably about 4 servings.
If you want it more mild, then use less wing sauce or a ratio of 2:1. Even a ratio of 4:1 (four parts dressing to 1 part sauce) is very tasty. You can just fork blend this & be done. Serve either hot or cold. Works great on Ritz brand crackers (amazing how that ties in too).


Now for the next event. Zesty Not hot Italian chicken

8 pieces

1/4 bottle hand made Italian dressing
3 Tbsp honey
1/4 Tbsp cayenne pepper
1/4 chicken breast

2 strips of thick cut bacon cut into quarters (or 5ths)
8 Ritz crackers
4 thick slices cheese (cheddar, jack, Muenster) quartered

Warm the Italian dressing for about 40 seconds in the microwave. Whisk in honey & cayenne pepper. Place sliced chicken in bowl & put in fridge for an hour (or 20 minutes vacuum sealed), to marinate.
Drain chicken if you’d like. Pan fry chicken in oil till cooked. If you don’t drain the chicken, you can use less oil to fry.

Cut bacon a little larger than the cracker & fry. Note, that bacon will shrink when cooked. Cook both sides till as crispy as you like it. After draining off grease, set aside.

Place crackers on microwave safe plate. Place 1 piece of cheese on each cracker, set aside. You can use any cheese that you like. I like sharp cheddar, but have used Munster, Colby, Jack, even Swiss. Now place a piece of chicken, another pieces of cheese & 1 piece of bacon.

Place in the microwave 12-20 seconds to melt the cheese. Serve.

There you have it! All are very tasty, easy to make & can be increased easily for super huge parties. Short cuts that may interest you are this. You can use cubed cheese of you’d like, be sure to cut them in half when making the Italian chicken canape’. You can sub imitation bacon if you like the taste. Just sprinkle over the top. If you have chicken that is already cooked, you can just chop it up very small. I suggest vacuum sealing to marinate, but you don’t have to. You’ll use about 2 Tbsp of chicken this way.

If you want a more mild wing sauce, use the dip recipe above at 4 or 6 to 1 (4:1 or 6:1) as your marinade.

I suggest Ritz brand crackers as they hold up very well for this recipe. You can also just leave out the ingredients for your guests, & let them build their own. I would make little numbered tent cards on one side, & the ingredient on the other. (but I have prepped far too many events). Be sure to keep the chicken & bacon hot if you aren’t going to have a microwave to heat with. Cold is fine too, it’ll just be a cold food instead of warmed.

Refrigerate after opening, see store for details, you’re mileage may vary.

Now go watch the puppy & kitten shows they are fun. Adopt when you can, seniors are already trained to go, rescue someone cool, maybe your next bff (best furry friend).


2 thoughts on “Game Day Apps

  1. These are delicious! Hoping to have some made for the Kitty and Puppy Bowls tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe and the kind thoughts towards those kitties and doggies that are in need of homes!


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