Itza Wrap-Breakfast Burrito

Already tired of the sausage breakfast sandwich? maybe English muffins & croissants aren’t your thing, & you’re out of bagels? Want something different? Maybe something that you can use for lunch as well?

Many years back, & from time to time, I pre-make some breakfast burritos, wrap them in cellophane & toss them in the freezer. They are great for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. They can just be a pre-made burrito if you’d like. Add or subtract the hotness to your liking, & reheating can be as easy as in the microwave, or in a frying pan (Start off low till it defrosts).

If you’re watching calories, keep in mind that most burritos & food wraps in general are about 200 calories on their own. Compare it to bread & of course, vs carbs. Some of the wraps, are less than flour tortilla shells, & a bit more tasty.

I like to fill my burritos with ingredients, but I’m not a bean fan, so I don’t use them. Add or subtract ingredients as you’d like. This is just a base for you to work with, as any recipe is. Now it depends on how many burritos or wraps that you’re looking to make. The recipe below will give you about 10 fair sized wraps, with a little

1 large onion diced I like yellow onions, but have made this with red & sweet onions (Vidalia onions=yum)
1 medium tomato diced or use two large Roma tomatoes
3 small jalapenos minced
6 large eggs (I prefer brown eggs, but that could be because I’m an east coaster)
1 small can black olives diced or minced
1 medium sweet bell pepper (any color is fine I used orange)
1 lb of sausage, turkey, hamburger, tofurkey- whatever 1 pound makes for a meaty dish 3/4 is nearly equal in proportion to the rest (just an fyi)
1 Tbsp minced garlic or 1/2 Tbsp garlic granules (dried)
10 oz shredded cheese Cheddar, Jack, whatever you like
S&P to taste
Additional salsa/picante or hot sauce optionally used per serving

Take your eggs & put the contents in a bowl. Season with S&P if you like (tastes better when you do). Using a whisk, a fork or that cool immersion blender option, whip your eggs, just shy of frothy. You can add cream or milk (warm) to your eggs to get them a little fluffier, but as you will notice, it’s not an ingredient (this time). Set these aside. One more thing about the eggs, is that you can increase it as a filler as well, increasing the amount of burritos you can make.

I like to cook in stages when I can. I cook my meat first, then drain it. I reserve this, for cooking the remaining ingredients. You really only need a little to help the pan along, & aid in frying. Oil isn’t just for making things not stick to the pan.
So while the meat is draining, the pan is getting hot again. As I’ve said, I like to cook my onions, jalapenos & tomatoes together. This time I fried the hearty ingredients first, like I would do for spaghetti sauce. So this is: Onion, jalapeno & bell peppers.
I like to season these, & do so more lightly than I used to. Salt brings out the flavors very well, and you really don’t need a whole lot of it.

Saute’ this till they are golden brown from cooking, or take it an extra level & bring it just to getting dark around the edges. Here, is a stop. If you cook this till it gets dark, drain this over the meat & reserve what oils & juices.
If you are just a golden saute’, go ahead & add the remaining ingredients (less eggs) to the pan & cook them for about a minute or two. You can add a bit of color to the tomatoes, they are very tasty that way.

Now, take the onions, peppers & meat mix & put it in the pan on high or medium high. Get that mixture going. Do this for about two minutes. Add eggs & scramble. Mix everything together with your turner spatula. Breaking it up as you go along.
I, personally can’t stand the taste of seared eggs as they are in an omelet, so I don’t brown my beaten eggs, just cook them enough so they are hard. Yes, my crepes are delicious BTW, the secret is heat & speed.
Once the eggs have cooked, you can drain everything in the colander one more time, as you get your wrapping station prepared. In this case, a cutting board that looks good in a picture & an open bag of tortillas & veggie wraps (I used tomato). If you don’t want to drain it, either bring the pan to your station (use a trivet), or pour the hot ingredients into a bowl.
I chose not to drain the mix, as I didn’t use that much oil/grease. So I sprinkled half the cheese over the top, while it was in the pan. I mixed that in, once it melted a little, poured it all in a bowl & added the rest of the cheese on top of that.

You can eyeball the amount of mixture you want in each one. About 2-4 inches wide, & about an inch short on each side makes for a hearty burrito. Now here is where you can add your additional sauces. It’s up to you. When the hot sauce marries they ingredients, it truly is a wonderful taste. I either mark on the cellophane outer wrapper that they are hot, or use a piece of napkin to mark it from the others. This way I can have some with out the added heat if I desire.

Wrap the burrito. I fold up the bottom, folding the sides & roll. You can dampen the final end of the burrito if you’d like, or use some additional cheese so it will seal shut. But there usually isn’t time for that at work. You wet the burritos & wrap. Drain the run off water & you wrap on a clean towel to absorb the extra water. By the time it gets to the end of being rolled, it will be sticky. In home, you may want to use hot water & probably wet them one at a time or in groups of three. Serve & eat.

If you are going to use these for another time, I suggest that you properly cool off the mixture before rolling. Spread it out on a cooking sheet & stick it in the fridge. See your BOH for details of course.

Now tear off some cellophane & be sure to tuck in the sides as you wrap that around the burrito. Toss in the fridge, the freezer or your lunch bag.

Here are a few cool taste tips. If you have a dehydrator, use it to dehydrate the veggies above (not the cheese that rarely works right). I will often dehydrate my common veggies in batches for later. I vacuum seal them & they are super fresh when I’m ready for them.
You can re hydrate them in about an hour. Use hot tap water (as hot as you can). Either use a sealable lid, a vacuum bag/container, or cellophane wrap (over the top). You can just toss them in the fridge over night if you’d like.
Everything will be more robust. If you haven’t had re-hydrated veggies, they are strong, & taste just a little different. If any of you remember that clown hamburger place (no, the other clown) before the mid 1990’s? They used re-hydrated onions-yummy!

Next tip. If you can wait at least an hour before wrapping; your ingredients will have time to get to know each other very intimately (called marrying) & the tastes are bold & fresh. Kind of like spaghetti sauce the next day.


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