Or this sub isn’t too bad.

Okay, there are quite a few claims & ideas out there on cauliflower replacing rice. Stir fry, fried rice & any dish that uses rice. I suppose you could mince up some broccoli & replace rice with that as well, though it’ll be green.

Here, is my spin on this. What I’ve found, & through asking my tasters, is that it tastes like cauliflower. So if you like or don’t mind the taste of fried cauliflower, you’re half way there I guess.
That is, If you like cauliflower, you will like this as a replacement to rice.
I do, they did & it’s not a bad thing. But saying it tastes like rice is like saying alligator tastes like chicken. It doesn’t, alligator tastes like what you’re putting on it, like shark does. Is it (cauliflower) better for you? Sure, better than stripped down white rice. With enough seasonings or spices, you can mask anything.

I’m not poo-pooing cauliflower as a sub for rice, not at all. I just want to be clear that it isn’t rice, nor does it taste like rice. Well, to anyone who has a palate. Cauliflower is a great replacement for white rice, & if you steam it a little bit, it will get soft.

In the recipe below, for a quick seasoned cauli-rice (I’m coining this phrase), I found that it needed a little butter to help it along. I added more olive oil, but it kept getting absorbed in the cauliflower, so I turned off the burner & slid in two Tbsp of butter. It certainly perked the cauli-rice up, & made it more palatable. I stopped adding olive oil after the 3rd tablespoon. Maybe four or five is the answer, or just removing it from the heat, I’m not sure. You can not have the butter, but will want some kind of sauce. This is pretty dry stuff.

Here is what I did for this recipe. Just a simple side dish, as if you were having a little rice with dinner.

Half small head of cauliflower minced*
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp ea dry or fresh
1/4 tsp rosemary crushed
2 Tbsp butter

You certainly can add different herbs & spices to this, but keep in mind it will taste like seasoned cauliflower.

cauli-raw-whole postP

I used the Cuisinart to mince up the cauliflower. Cut the greens off the base, split the cauliflower in half (or quarters), break up into small pieces to fit in the chopper bowl. Pulse a few times. You can do this by hand with your knife, or a cheese shredder or potato ricer, just depends on how much prep time you have, or like to deal with.
You can pre-cut & store raw cauliflower for quite some time, to have it handy & ready. I strongly suggest using a strong vacuum bag & sticking it in the freezer, portioning out the amounts that you would want.

The cauliflower I used was wrapped/bagged. You can wash it especially if it’s “bulk”. Be sure to let it drain or use a salad spinner to remove as much extra water as possible. You don’t want it soggy, just soft.

Add the olive oil (or oil that you like cooking with), to a frying pan on medium high. Add cauliflower & fry for about 6 minutes. I wouldn’t go more than 8 minutes, on medium, as it will start to singe a bit. To soften the cauliflower, add about 2 Tbsp of water near the end (7 minute mark). You can also cover the pan with a tight fitting lid, & turn the burner off. The heat will steam the cauliflower, just keep your eye on it, of it’ll get real soft.

You can put your spices in a souffle/dip cup if you’d like, & mix them together, or just spoon & sprinkle over the cauliflower. Cook together for about a minute, just enough to mix the spices in. Plate, add butter or sauce that you’re going to use.

final four postP

If you’re going to use the cauli-rice as a base (say for stir fry), don’t use any of the above spices, & use any spices that you like for stir fry. That is, just fry the cauliflower for about 6 minutes, add water for a minute till it evaporates, then plate as a base for your stir fry.

If you use fresh herbs, add them to the pan, when you add the water, or when you lid the pan. This way they will marry into the cauli-rice (I’m still claiming the coined phrase). You can saute’ the dried herbs easily enough, & wake them up with heat, adding water at the end.

Using cauliflower or even broccoli florets instead, is a great idea. The taste is good, but again, it’ll taste like the replacement, & oyster or fish sauce over anything is going to be salty ;}).


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    1. You’re welcome. I think this adds a depth to cauliflower, as well as a way to expand it’s use. Broccoli in the same manner, isn’t bad either. Keep looking here for more “actual in home” applications. Thanks for the comments.

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