Easy Pie

Pizza pie that is.

Pizza made easy-embellished

Like everyone else, I don’t always have the time for long, food preparation, so sometimes like short cuts-especially when I’m hungry. I also like to alter things to my liking-duh, I’m a cook.

This is good for those “less than skilled” in the kitchen, using the “food machines”.

A few times, I have made some specialty pizza for friends, these two are the most requested. The base shell/pie is by choice or personal preference, you should be able to use nearly any pre made, frozen pizza.

Start out with your favorite frozen pizza. I like either Digiorno or Freschetta cheese pizza as a base. Tombstone comes in as a third choice.

001 postP

Tropical-Hawaii Style Pizza -Florida edition

If you’re going to cry about pineapple on your pizza, go to the next recipe

You can really “cheat” on this one. Get a pineapple & Canadian bacon style pizza to start with.

Remove the pizza from the box as well as the plastic for about 30 minutes to an hour before you want to cook it. That is, “while you’re prepping the rest of the ingredients.”

4-6 ounces shredded mozzarella
1/4 Cup pre cooked shrimp-chopped, diced or minced. Salad shrimp is fine
1 1/2 Tbsp Italian Seasonings
Anchovies or anchovy paste (very optional)

Bacon double cheeseburger pizza
1/4-1/2 lb cooked -crumpled hamburger
1/8 lb cheddar cheese shredded
1/8-1/4 lb bacon (thick sliced is best)
2 Tbsp dill spice (gives you the dill pickle taste)-optional

Cut the ingredients (including the pineapple if you’d like) as fine or as chunky as you like them & combine it in a bowl with the mozz. Add the spices & flip the bowl to “stir” the contents.
Scrape the loose cheese off the “frozen” pizza in to your bowl. Do the same for the pineapple, just leave the Canadian bacon in place. IF the Canadian bacon comes off, just put it back on (see pix).

With your hand, sprinkle the toppings around the pizza, so the 75% of the toppings are near the crust & first 3 inches of the pizza, & 25% is near the center. This way it will bake more evenly. For any of you noobs at the pizza shop, that’s how you make a pizza.
You only need the width of your index (pointer) finger to be crust, the rest is sauce or topping (you know production pizza isn’t going to have that). Insider’s secret: Let a bit of the topping touch the crust (over the sauce ring) if you want the topping to stay on the slice as you eat it.
002 postP
You shouldn’t see any real gaps in the pizza, with the exception of the center, which the toppings should be pretty light so it cooks better.

Pop one of two of them in the oven at 400° (df) for about 12 minutes. Seeing all ovens differ, check the pizza at 10 minutes. If you’re doing one pizza, check it in eight minutes. If you’re using your toaster oven: cut frozen pizza in half if it doesn’t fit. Use the toast setting & keep your eye on things.
A good rule of thumb in cooking, is “When you can smell it” it’s done. Always bring all food up to temp. 165 internal temp for serving in many states. Hot hold is 150/140.
003 postP
The crust of the pizza should be a little darker than golden brown. Remove the pizza & let it sit on the cutting board up to five minutes. This way everything “comes together”. Three minutes is usually long enough. Cut, plate, serve. You can not use pizza pans if you need to. I prefer to use them, showing with out them.

004 postP.jpg

With the Bacon Double, use ketchup instead of ranch to dip. I’d like to thank Charles for that observation. For those of you looking for more in depth stuff, about things, the cutting board is an official pizza peel, just well loved after 20 odd years (it’s the new one).


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