Buffalo Shrimpeds

Buffalo style shrimp, not the soldier. Not quite from Buffalo either.

Funny, considering how cold it gets in Buffalo, hot is (because of the sauce), the marker for which something is judged.

Anyhow this is for hot shrimp. Not to be confused with tiger shrimp, which is spicy. Also, here, I will show you how to make a quick homemade bread crumb to coat all of your wonderful dishes from now on.
pre-shrimp postP
Firstly the shrimp.

You can have it any way that you like. Cooked, raw, tails on what ever, so long as the end, they are pink before you eat them. You can’t vacuum seal shrimp, they turn into rocks. You can marinate them, but they aren’t all that absorbing, so you really gotta spice
up the dressing. In the pics, I used tail on.

You want you shrimp as close to cooler than room temp as possible (about 40-50°F), or at least not frozen. Shrimp are on the bottom, feeding, so they “grow cool”, so you want to cook them that way. Rinse off any loose pieces of shell, & put them on a paper towel to drain. Now you can boil or steam them till they’re pink. IF your shrimp are already cooked (pink) when you get them, you’re done there. Just rinse & drain.

Cool cooked shrimp to touch & or let them cool while draining. Prepare your flour.

A simple fish fry flour will work fine. If you don’t have that, just get some regular flour. Sifting flour introduces air to the flour, making it lighter. So does throwing a handful at your honey. I didn’t do either on this recipe.

In the flour you will put the cayenne & black pepper. 5:1 you aren’t going to taste any heat, I’m sorry to say, so you’re going to have to open that bottle up. 3:1 (3 parts flour to to part cayenne pepper) is getting there. 2:1 & 1:1 is going to take it up to the level we’re
talking about. Use this as a reference, so you know how mild to make something as well. Now you can put in your black & white pepper. Stir to mix. I like to recycle as much as I can, I put my mix in a plastic grocery bag, & mixed.
Mix just like you were going to coat the shrimp. Grab two ends of the bag, raise one hand, then the other. It’ll mix nicely enough. With the shrimp in there, rolling, it may make more sense to you.

The different peppers are for depth levels, as they are for amount of heat. You can just use the cayenne & black pepper, but the white pepper is going to add a certain texture to this meal. Try it both ways & you’ll see what I mean. Liking to crab & crawdad boils,
some people like to use green & pink pepper.

Now, if you want, you can just use flour & black pepper, & make this shrimp recipe wet. That is, pour a sauce over them after they are done, or use a hot sauce dip. That kind of negates the recipe, but does offer a much more mild version.

Put in about 5 shrimp & roll the shrimp in the bag. Let them sit there for a moment. So many people are quick to yank things out & get to the next stage. Let the flour cling to the shrimp, it’ll have a better taste. You can go as long as three minutes if you’d like.

Five won’t kill you, unless you’re starving. You can add more, of course. I’ve had a few pounds in a bag, but you’re cooking at home, take your time, you have so much of it to spare. Okay, 10-20 at a time, but you’ll need a bigger plate for the bread crumbs, &
there won’t be any absorb the extra milk time, for the bread crumbs, & they’ll get mad.

Pour a little milk into a monkey dish or shuffle cup. For those who haven’t been reading these recipes, &/or aren’t in a pro kitchen, a dip cup or souffle cup will be fine. Now, with holding the tail, dip each shrimp into the milk & coat one side at a time. Don’t just plunge it in there, I’m telling you how to get these perfect. Place one side down, hold it there a moment, pick it up out of the milk, turn it over, place the other side in, & hold it there a moment.

Now put that shrimp into the bread crumbs & cover the shrimp with the bread crumbs. Get the next shrimp & so on. Give them each about five minutes buried with bread crumbs.

Yes this takes awhile, & yes this will make them taste better than that of someone else. Sure you can speed it up, but it isn’t going to be as crispy. You can also do a double dip coating, which will give you a more solid coating, but again, not as crispy.
For a double dip coating, place all of the shrimp back into the dredge bag, pour in the remaining bread crumbs & shake (see pic). The flour will get in between & make a better coating, but at the expense of crispness.
fry shrimp postP
Now for the shallow frying. If you aren’t familiar with shallow frying, it’s using only a little oil to fry things, instead of deep fat frying. I like a 50/50 or 60/40 blend of veggie oil to olive oil, or 100% peanut oil or lard for frying. You can use any of the other oils that you like, or need to. Fry the shrimp on each side for about 3 minutes. You can stop at golden brown, or go a little crunchier, more near to brown (see pic). Drain of excessive oil, plate & serve.

If you’re making a few hundred of these, I’d suggest putting them tails up in a pan, & stacking them side by side. Seeing that you’ll be hot holding them, I suggest using the steamed veggie insert to the chaffing dish to put the shrimp on. This way they don’t
continue cooking in the oil that comes off & looks pretty neat.

1 bag large or (about) 26/31 count shrimp
1/2 C Flour
1/2 C cayenne pepper
1 Tbsp black pepper
1 Tbsp white pepper
1/4 C milk
1 C bread crumbs (home made BC below)
Olive oil
vegetable oil

Bread crumbs:
Loaf bread- it doesn’t have to be day old stale stuff
garlic powder (preferably homemade)
Italian seasoning (especially homemade)
Bread Crumbs postP
Really, these are super easy. Get three slices of bread & cut the crust off (save it for bread pudding or something). Tear up the bread & put into your processor. Pulse it a few times, till it looks like (the picture) white bread crumbs. Empty that onto a sheet pan (I grabbed my handy pizza pan). Sprinkle some Italian seasoning & garlic over the top. “Toss” into a 300 df (°F) oven for about 14 minutes. They’ll look a little brown. Let cool. Break up any clumps. Keep in air tight container, label & date, toss in the fridge, if you don’t use it up right away.

You can serve your shrimp with sauces for dipping if you’d like. You can use ranch, bleu cheese a homemade cocktail sauce is one of my fav’s. I also like to mix ketchup, honey & Franks or Texas Pete’s hot sauce together. I’ll see if I can find the time to post up some of my quicky dips.


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