C1oud Eggs

Everyone is gearing up for that day to show the greatest woman in your life you appreciate her-Mother’s Day. AKA the day women say they love hand made gifts.

Listen up guys, especially you Charlie, you can do this.

Your mom, your honey, your wife has been looking around the web for some time, & this cloud egg recipe is the one that she has wondered about for some time now. Unless she doesn’t like eggs.

It isn’t as hard as it looks, & not as gross as it sounds. I give you three ways to do this, & an alternative.

All baking will be the preset of this toaster oven of 450°F

Option 1 is baked meringue with salt & pepper instead of sugar. Get your whisk attachment, 1 egg, a souffle/dip cup & a deep container. If you snuck out & bought the hand mixer shown, it has all of that in there except the egg & souffle cup.
Separate your yolk from the white. Go here. Put yolk in souffle cup. Put white in deep container (a wide coffee cup is good for this). Now whisk the living heck out of it (about 5 minutes for meringue 3 minutes for [fluffy tastes better] fluffy).

Now all of the recipes say to use parchment paper or silicone. A sheet of baking silicone may be the better option, because the egg will stick to the parchment paper. You can, peel it off, because it will be a bit more firm than a fried egg.

I, would opt to use a little olive oil on the cooking sheet. As you can see, I used the toaster oven, & the pan that came with it. Pour/scrape the meringue onto the pan & bake for 4 minutes (at 450). Make a little hole near the center, put the yolk on & cook for 2-3 minutes more.
meringue cookedp
Notice there wasn’t any seasoning in that.

Now what tastes good.

Use the hand blender part. Add a pinch of salt & pepper & mix the egg white for about 2 minutes. Option 1) place on oiled pan, bake for 3 minutes. Put yolk on top cook for 3 more minutes, broil for 1 minute
blendedp                                                                                                                                                            Option 2 put egg white in a stoneware Single-Handle Bake ware Bowl* cook uncovered for 8 minutes

Either of those will yield a very tasty baked egg. Though the cloud won’t be as fluffy as on a sheet, it’ll be easier to work with. The last option is just an egg in the oiled stoneware & baked. Not fluffy, but quite yummy.
blended in dishp
You can add any of the following to the egg whites. Parmesan cheese, Italian seasonings, salt & pepper. A little shredded cheddar over the top of the finished egg is great too. If you have some bacon grease hanging around with nothing to do, you can use that instead of olive oil, which will give the egg a bacon taste. Chances are that you’re going to cook up some sausage (go here) or bacon for a breakfast.

*Corningware Grab it bowls or French Onion soup bowls or corning ware broiler pans with handle.


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