Pot Roast Beast

So I have been playing with a more recent pressure cooker. It’s nothing like the ones that I used to use, in that, you have buttons to push amongst other things.

First, I wanted the meat seared, of course. Using the browning feature on the pressure cooker, worked out alright for the first sear, but took too long to re temp (& started burning the previous sear) for the flip. So I lost that great flavor, as I needed to wash the container out, before doing the other side. From the pictures, you can see it did a fine job.

seared tripleP

Prep for pot roast shouldn’t be an all day event. Wash & skin should be the longest time use. Cut everything “to size” (whatever size [quartered is good] you’d like) & toss in. In the pressure cooker, it isn’t going to take nearly as long the more traditional ways., but. . . it does take about 90 minutes for the roast!


You can either add the veggies with the meat, or as a finisher near the end. The veggies aren’t going to take long, & didn’t here, either. Going for one pot, I tossed them in with the meat at the start. I took the meat out, drained the juice & finished off the meat; using that juice for the pressure. Though needing more attention, the results certainly were worth it.

onions sliced postP

Now, what you put into your roast beast dinner is up to you. Below is a suggestion, of course, as there are many variations. The bottom line is that you can do it in your pressure cooker. Any pre-prep of the meat, will cut down on the cook time, knowing it’s about 90 minutes under pressure. More prime cuts will take less time.

I suggest these “shortcuts” to roast day:

1) Sous vide the meat for an hour-add the seasonings to the bag so that it mixes with the meat juices
1b) Sear the meat after taking it out of the bag

2) Season the meat as a rub (pressing in the meat), & let it stand over night (or vacuum seal for 20 minutes)
2b) Sear the meat prior to cooking

Option 2, will still require 90 minutes to cook in the pressure cooker, where 1 can be adjusted to about 45 minutes under pressure.

I don’t use very many spices or seasonings in my pot roast really.

A bay leaf or two optional cracked, crumpled or whole
1-3 Tbsp browning sauce (I prefer Gravy Master brand) optional, to taste (I used 1 1/2 Tbsp)
Salt & pepper to taste (about 1/4 C salt 1/8 C pepper)
8-12 Carrots
3-7 Potatoes
1-2 yellow onions (the larger the better IMO)

If you’re going to pre-cook the meat: Salt & pepper the meat first, as a rub (coating). Crumble the dried bay leaves as fine as you can (even under pressure they aren’t going to soften), & press that into the meat. Add the browning sauce to the bag. Either sous vide, vacuum seal or leave over night.

Sear the meat on both sides (not as required using the sous vide method) in the pressure pot (if that’s an option on yours). Add veggies, a cup or two of water for “sauce” (Au Jus), & set it to 45-90 minutes.


If your pressure cooker doesn’t offer a browning/searing option: Heat a frying pan to high (crank the exhaust vent). Oil the top of the roast (with or with out the seasonings), slap in the pan & leave it be for about two minutes.

Certainly this is a matter of skill & timing. For those who don’t do this day in & day out or live in an apartment I suggest this:
Oil the roast by hand (use your fingers to rub it in). Set your timer for two minutes after the frying pan gets hot. Quickly place the roast in the frying pan (it will smoke). Remove it from the heat under the exhaust.
Get a second pan heating.
Set timer for two minutes
Pull the roast off the first pan
Place it in the second pan (uncooked side down of course)
Remove from heat.

To get those wonderful flavors off the frying pans, either use a bit of cold water, chicken stock or the preferred white wine method. Twirl the hot frying pans to swirl the liquid. Add this as part of the pressure cooker water (usually 1 cup of liquid will do it for most pressure cookers).

Be sure to reserve juice for the Au Jus for tomorrow’s roast beast sandwiches. Use a colander to separate the juice, reserve in a separate container as well. Let cool, refrigerate.

Noob Warning: Do not reserve one cup of this juice (freeze) for later. Do not add it to each successive pot roast that you make in the year, removing one cup & bringing it to the next roast, to finally add it to your beef stew. The flavor will get you fat (as you may grab a loaf of bread & eat the whole pot of beef stew alone).



If your beast is frozen, & not vacuum sealed. It’s okay to just put it in the pressure cooker & go from there. Here, I show doing just that. It wasn’t years in the freezer, just a few months. No real damage or freezer burn to the meat. It tasted great! It never made it to sandwiches or Sunday’s hash :{(.

add to pot roast postP



I would like to credit David Hanley for the beast picture, the pressure picture is in general & combining them is my vision.


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