Dookey Potatoes

So you like to play with your food? Or, at least have some creativeness with it from time to time.

A dear friend of mine has some serious toilet humor, & seeing how emoji’s have gone, so do other people. With the movie coming out, & because this is pretty easy to make, I decided to make some dookey potatoes.

20170805_153637 spot DOF postP

I suggest that you use instant potatoes, just because they are easier. You can use regular potatoes, of course, just use your hand mixer to whip them together.

light or half coloring postP

This recipe is for instant potatoes.

If you don’t want beef flavored potatoes, don’t use the beef flavoring, but quadruple each food coloring step.

ingreds postP

Serving size will be based on the box instructions for 4 servings.

1 1/3 C instant potatoes (I used Idahoan)
1 1/3 C of hot water
2 Tbsp butter
1/3 C milk
yellow food coloring
red food coloring
blue food coloring
1 plastic food bag or icing bag
3 edible eyes (I used Wilton’s cake decorations)

Can be Optional
1 Tbsp Better Than Bullion beef base
1 tsp browning & seasoning sauce such as Kitchen Bouquet or Gravy Master

colored water postP

In the water for the potatoes, add 8 drop of blue, 12 drops or both red & yellow food coloring; the beef base & browning sauce & stir. Set aside for a moment.
In the milk, add the same amount of food coloring & stir.

Follow instructions on the box. Seeing both the bullion & browning sauce are salty, I didn’t add any more salt. The instructions are; boil the butter & water (now colored/flavored). Remove from heat, stir in (cold) milk. Stir/fold in potatoes let stand for about three minutes.

Take 3 eyes from the container, cut one in half for the mouth.

eyes postP

Fill the bag & cut corner of the food bag (or use icing bag), & for each serving, make a pile of potatoes. This can be as your side dish on the same or separate plates. Place two eyes, & one “mouth” half to make the face. Done.

bag postP

This also works very well with frosting for cupcakes, & would be neat on a round cake (in addition to the base frosting).

Notes: If using regular potatoes, you’ll want to put all of the coloring in the milk that you use to mix the potatoes. If you want to prep them before hand, you can marinate them in some brown food coloring (not gel), & vacuum seal them. Also, you can “brown the water that you boil the potatoes in, to help along. Otherwise they potatoes will look like milk chocolate.


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