Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

As you may find out, I’m a big fan of spicy hot foods. Having had “stint” as a saucier*, I’m usually making something creative for lunch at work, & certainly the one everyone asks to do so. Many times I can be heard saying “Taste this”, as I whip together some new creation `er other, or just lunch. Sometimes it’s lunch for the entire crew at lunch time.
“You making that for everyone”?
“Why yes I am chef, wanna taste”?


I’m a big fan of easy, who isn’t? Well, most of the time anyhow. I came across a frozen dinner (when did we stop watching TV with them?+) the other day (like a year ago), did review on it, thought on how I could make it taste better, & forgot about it.

I started playing with some hot sauce as I often will, wanting some wings (I love wings), & I love wing sauce (see my other creations here like Buffalo shrimpeds, buffalo chip dip). I have a buffalo wing sauce pizza out there as a professional recipe someplace, & one as a correction to a quick fix recipe. I even submitted the update to corporate, about the Buffalo wing sauce pizza so everyone would make it right. But that’s another story, isn’t it?

So now I am trying my hand at Buffalo wing sauce mac & cheese!

Of course it came out great, or it wouldn’t be here. I am a culinary genius btw ;}).

Yields “2” servings

1 chicken breast boned, skinned chopped or chunked
10 Tbsp cheese sauce
3 ounces pasta
3 oz Buffalo wing sauce

I wanted to do something different, to be sure. It’s hot, it’s summer, & I don’t want to heat up the kitchen boiling water.

microwave cooking macaroni postp

I took some nearly empty boxes of pasta, & put them in a large bowl. I covered them with cold filtered water, then I wrapped that with a store bag, I put it in the microwave for 10 minutes to boil/cook. I set my phone for twenty minutes = perfect pasta.
You can make your pasta (macaroni) any way that you like. You can use a boxed M&C (learn how to make it creamier here), if you like.

juice reservep

The chicken breasts were as simple as picking up some skinless/boneless/spineless chicken breasts. I usually make a batch for the furries, so had a few pans going. Nothing special is needed for the breasts, just a frying pan & some oil. If you choose to reserve the chicken water (injected chicken these days), save it for your soup stock or make a bisque for your senior furries.
I randomly chopped the breasts in different sizes, because it adds interest to the dish, & basically I snatched it out of the stuff I was making for the furries (TBH).

Sub note: Partially freeze your chicken breasts before cutting them & they’ll cut so much better.

I picked up a jar of double cheese pasta sauce for speed, as well as to show how easy it is to use some prepared stuff.

cheddar saucep.jpg

You can use dry packaged cheese mix, or a box of creamy cheese stuff, or even use some cream cheese with some cheddar. How ever you like to get your creamy cheese goodness.

M&C regular postp
I mixed 10 tablespoons of it into my pasta.

Buff on top postp

I Then added the Buffalo wing sauce & the hot chicken & stirred.

mixed postp

Plate & serve post buffalo mac N cheese COTp

Plate & serve.


+what happened to the TV in TV dinners?




3 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

  1. I gave this a try since it sounded yummy and fast. I particularly had in mind adjusting it to be a blended food option for a family member who deals with swallow issues. The adjustments I made were, adding approximately 1 T. milk and 2 T.
    sour cream. I blended all of it together and it came out very creamy. The person I was making this for is not big on things being too spicy,so the addition of the sour cream tamed it just right for him. He liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment. Adjusting a recipe to suit is very important. I try to put that in my articles.

      I am VERY glad that you’re using this recipe for someone with swallow issues. Nearly all recipes can be blended.

      That is so cool that you’re ahead of the curve. I am working on a Dysphagia version, I just have to make some adjustments.


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