A Quick Dyshphagia Meal

You know how it is, you’re hungry & you don’t have time to cook something that’s going to take long. If you’re cooking for someone else, it’s even longer.

Imagine how long it is, when your diner has Dysdphagia (trouble swallowing), double that plus half. You have to prep, then cook, then prep, then blend, mold/shape, cook again. So you don’t always have a lot of time to make something from scratch.

So with this recipe, the dinner is pre done. Particulary, this one is a frozen dinner. This comes from someone who cooks for someone who has Dysphagia. His requirements may be different than yours, or the one that you’re cooking for, but I hope that this will inspire more & tasty meals at home.

I apologize to my many followers, who look to this food blog for inspiration, tips & so on. I have been away reviewing “a few” kitchen items, & need to do their review first. So this usually means reading their recipe book, following their instructions, & telling their fans how great it is. Well, most of the time. Sometimes, items can be a miss (looky here). So that takes time, as I have a deadline to follow. I quite often get multiple items, & need to give each one an honest review, use it for prep or cooking, & write that up for my supplier.

Ninja Blend 001 dysphagia mealp

One of those items* is in this article for Dysphagia quick cooking. It really does help in making this (or I wouldn’t post it) for those who have an issue or trouble swallowing. I’m always searching for better & easier, whether it’s at home or in the restaurant.

I have been learning the art of making a quick meal. This is how it was conveyed & taught to me. Pretty darned tasty too.

1 frozen meal
water or soup to blend
thickening agent (can be instant potatoes)

Get a frozen meal & cook it per instructions on the carton. Empty the contents (this case) the meatloaf & potatoes, into the blender (medium pitcher on the Ninja System). Hit puree.

Ninja Blend 002 dysphagia mealp


Adjust the thickness as needed for your diner. My friend’s level is nothing thicker than honey/pudding. The included potatoes, with a little water or broth, make this come out pretty much right on the money each time.
If you are making this way in advance, you can shape it in a silicone mold & freeze it. But for quickness, my friend says he’d rather be eating it.

Ninja blending system IQ dysphagia swallowp


Empty contents into a small microwave safe bowl & heat to serving 165° F serve.

How ever your guest needs to have their meal prepared, is how you’re going to adjust the meal. Some need it a thick liquid, some can have their meal nearly steak touch & chewy. Everyone is different, so be sure that you know what they need. Check with the doc, speech or the swallow expert. You can do this at home, seriously.

Also note, that you can use the 20oz or the 72oz container & vacuum seal (my fav) & blend! You can make up a quick container & put it in the fridge. Just don’t nuke those containers!
*The Ninja® Smart Screen™ Kitchen System with FreshVac™ Technology



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