Air Fried Wings

With this, I’m starting a new category & series, using the Ninja Foodi. The one that I will be using is the 300 model. I’ll put up my review on this wonderful product so that you can decide for yourself if you want one.

Ninja Pressure air crisp postp

I, like a bazillion other people, love wings. You can see I have a few recipes here on them. I have been making them professionally & at home for quite some time. Like many, I have a certain way that I like them done. Mostly crispy & moist. Not soggy, & certainly NOT microwaved (if I can help it). Microwaving isn’t bad, it just changes the product.

With my Foodi, soggy wings are a thing of the past. I also don’t need to flour them. I will say that breading your wings with seasoned flour adds to the depth & taste of the chicken wing experience.

Here are 3 ways that you can do it

One (pictured):
5 Chicken wings      A wing is 3 sections together

Frozen 1 pound of Wings

Frozen 2 pounds of wings pieces separated

Oil (anything that can be eaten) Optional
Sauce of choice Buffalo hot or Terisaki sweet optional

Keep in mind that 3 pounds of whole wings are about 9-11 wings (18-22 edible pieces).

You can do this with frozen wings, or thawed. Frozen instructions will be afterwards. I like to have my foods at room temperature before cooking them, with the exception of seafood, which should be cold. I did this with the wings as well.

Take off any pin feathers that may be present. Even those little hair looking things if you’d like.
Pre-heat your Foodi on air crisp or bake for 5 minutes.

This is optional, but does provide a much crispier wing. Oil both sides of the wings. You can brush the oil on, or you can just dip them in a bowl of oil (drain). You don’t want them dripping with oil, just enough to assist in the frying. If you’re not using oil, that’s okay too, they are just a tasty.

Ninja Foodi wings raw postp.jpg

Place your wings in the Foodi, in the Air Crisp basket. 5 meaty wings will fit “flat” that is on one layer.

Close the crisper lid, press the air crisp; set the temp to 360°F & the time for 25-27 minutes. I like mine crispy, but not burnt, so 27 is fine. That’s not a long time, compared to other methods of cooking. In the oven, you know it’s 40 minutes, & you have to turn them. In the fryer, you have to heat up the oil, flour/coat the wings first.

I like a crisper wing some times. I also can’t always find whole wings, only sections, which is fine as you don’t have to pay for the tips (except “they” water inject the wings). For this, I stack as many of them as I can in the basket (about 16), add 1 cup of water (flavored if I’m only having one kind of wing flavor). I hit hi pressure for 5 minutes.

stacked pressure-crispp

Then remove the basket & the chicken, drain the water (reserve for a soup) out. Replace the basket (with the chicken). Air Crisp at 375°F for 23 minutes. Remove & coat in your flavorite sauce (2 different links).

Standing them like this, gives great hot air circulation for the wing sections, with no need to turn or rotate them. It will produce a slightly crispier skin too.

You don’t have to touch them, but you can lift the lid & check on them if you’d like (me too sometimes), near the end to see if they are as crisp as you want. Go make your sauce while they are cooking.

Ninja Foodi wings crisp postp

That’s it, they are done. You can eat them like that, or add a sauce. I am a big Buffalo wing sauce fan, even the retail Frank’s stuff is fine. So coat them the way that you like. There won’t be any dripping oil to drain, so you can put them in a bowl or directly on a plate.

Best coating practice is to use your large stainless steel salad bowl. Add the wings, pour sauce over the wings, & with a flipping action, coat the wings. Do be careful till you have it down, as you can make a mess. A big one. Safe bet, pour in sauce & stir with fork & spoon salad style.

Ninja tender crisp main wing shot postp

To cook frozen wings:
Part Two: Separate the wings (not cut). Place them in the Foodi, with about 1/2 Cup of water. Pressure cook on high for 5 minutes. Air Crisp (Tender crisp) for 15-20 minutes, rotating or flipping the wings half way through.

Frozen option Three:
Using 2 pounds of separated (cut) wing sections. Place them in the Foodi, with about 1/2 Cup of water. Pressure cook on high for 5 minutes. Air Crisp (Tender crisp) for 15-20 minutes, rotating or flipping the wings half way through.

Pressure cooker tip only. Add a Tablespoon or more of the sauce with the water. That will fuse into the wings while they are cooking.

Tips: Let them sit in the wing sauce while you make the next batch, or about 3 minutes if you’re making one batch.

You can fill the basket up with wings, but I’d oil them so they don’t meld together or really stick. Halfway through, pull them out so that the connecting (touching) sides get the heat & air.

You can place the wings back into the crisper for a little sauce crisping, but be careful breathing that stuff, it’ll take your breath away or worse. Sauce crisp for about 3-5 minutes.


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