Dysphagia Buffalo Mac or potato & Cheese

you know promop

You can either use macaroni, or potatoes. I made this twice (this time), to show both of them. Neither one is formed or molded. More often than not, my friend Richie wants to eat with me, not wait for the meal to be molded. Sometimes I just blend the meal & eat it with him-duh.

dysphagia buff macncheese postp

So for those of you ultra cool home care workers who are doing this, keep that in mind.

yields 1-2 servings
1 chicken breast boned, skinned chopped or chunked
10 Tbsp cheese sauce
3 oz Buffalo wing sauce
6 ounces pasta
2 large potatoes


Make everything as you normally would. Dice & fry the chicken. Boil the pasta to directions. Open the jar. If you are using potatoes, dice & boil the potatoes till soft.

chicken brownedp.jpg

Cool everything so you can blend it. You can blend each ingredient separately, or do them together. Use milk to help blend things, instead of water.

cheddar saucep

I picked up a jar of double cheese sauce for speed, as well as to show how easy it is to use some prepared stuff. You can use dry packaged cheese mix, or a box of creamy cheese stuff, or even use some cream cheese with some cheddar. How ever you like to get your creamy cheese goodness.

cheese & mac dysphagiap
I mixed 10 tablespoons of the jar cheese into my pasta. I then added the Buffalo wing sauce & the hot chicken & stirred.

pasta blended postp.jpg

Strain for your diner, as needed. A puree is with out chunks or bits. This isn’t complicated really. Grab a sifting screen & push through.


I like black pepper on my mac & cheese, tastes good on the potato & cheese too, but my friend can’t have black pepper because it doesn’t crush down. So there is a trick I use.
I have been doing this for many years in the professional kitchen too. It’s a simple act of extracting.
Place at least 1 tsp of spice in a glass container, cover with water. Cover this with plastic wrap & nuke for about 45 seconds. Leave sit for a minimum of 20 minutes. Strain. keep the water. Use the pepper water to thin out & blend your dish. You can fold in very small amounts as a seasoning too.

The black pepper adds a deep level of taste to the hot sauce heated dish.

Heat to 165°F & serve.


2 thoughts on “Dysphagia Buffalo Mac or potato & Cheese

  1. Good flavor and I like that I can make it hot or not depending on personal tastes and or diet restrictions. Always on the look out for recipes or ideas for dealing with swallowing issues. Thanks!


    1. You’re most welcome. You’re right, not everyone wants to burn their tummies all of the time. I truly hope these recipes help you in your dysphagia cooking. Butter makes it better, & it reduces the heat too ;}). Keep on cooking.


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