Pressure Cooking Garbanzo-Foodi

Foodi pressure cooker picp.jpgYou may be wanting some chick pea/garbanzo beans for some dip, hummus or other. I used it for something else (here), but wanted to give you a recipe for the Foodi pressure/crisper. That is, to clear up a few points about pressure cooking, soaking & beans.

I only wanted the water from the beans, so only added salt. You can add the additional (optional) list of ingredients if you’d like. Pressure cooking will suck those flavors in the beans.

beans measure postp

1 1/8 cups Garbanzo beans (about half of a pound bag)
1/8 tsp salt
3 Cups water

Optional seasoning
Chiles one diced pepper is fine for a subtle flavor Or just the ends & seeds of the prep
1-2 cloves of garlic, chopped is fine
About a 1/4 of an onion
Other herbs or spices as you like

Tie the additional ingredients to what you’re going to make. If your dip recipe calls for jalapeno peppers, prep them in advance, & put the end pieces & seeds that you don’t use for your recipe into the pot. The pressure will infuse them into the beans. It’s a very neat trick. Then take & put all of that extra in the composter. If you’re making a soup, you’ll infuse the water & have a much deeper taste. Be sure to strain out what you don’t want.

Remember, it’s under pressure, it doesn’t have to be covered with water.

aquafaba water Foodi pressure cooker p.jpg


To keep that out of your beans, you can use a muslin bag if you’d like.
One great thing about the Foodi, is you can use the insert. Put the beans in the insert tray, remove the foot lift, put the water & any “other” in the pan. This way you can remove the beans from them.

beans done p

I know there are a few recipes that say not to add the salt to the beans first, they also say to soak them. No need.
Do, rinse beans to remove “bad beans” twigs, rocks, dead bugs or any other debris.

Set the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker/crisper to hi pressure, & 40 minutes. Let it naturally vent while you’re doing other things. Like finishing off the prep, doing dishes, taking pictures what ever.

That’s it, your garbanzo beans/chick peas will be ready to dine on, or toss in the composter if you’re just after the aquafaba water. Don’t worry, that little salt won’t hurt the slugs in your composter.

Prepare the chick peas as needed.


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