Vegan Mayo


This is not your father’s mayo

Mayonnaise. Most people like it. It will enhance some dishes (fried chicken, cake), & extend others (aioli [emulsifier], ranch). I can’t stand the stuff, to be honest. Not even that non mayo whip stuff. Not that I’m Vegan or Vegetarian, I just don’t like mayo. I usually substitute sour cream. The stuff that was in the original recipe, before mayo was made.
Though granted, the eggs in mayonnaise help make a few things more rich, creamy & so on.

aquafaba mayo ingredients photop

So here is a compromise, sort of. Aquafaba mayo. Made from the liquid of beans. Garbanzo to be exact, chick peas if that’s your word. It has a taste to it that isn’t too bad either. It’s a bit sweet really. It has the fluff like mayo, & I’ve seen a bunch of recipes that use it in place of the traditional mayo.

garbonzo bean juice aquafaba liquid p.jpg

I have made a fry sauce, with it, that you may like. It is very good. Seeing that it doesn’t have any animal stuff in it, it should be Vegan okay as well. I’ll have (link) that recipe up soon enough.

Here is the recipe.
Gives you a cup of “AF Mayo”

1/4 Cup reduced “aquafaba” liquid
3/4 C vegetable oil
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
3/4 tsp light salt
1 tsp dry mustard
1/4 tsp crushed black pepper

Immersion blender a.k.a. outboard motor. This is crucial to a fluffy & airy blend.

ready set blend aqua faba mayo p.jpg

First off, you can use dry mustard or Dijon mustard. I actually crushed the black pepper in the mortar & pestle for better coverage. It can take over quickly, & will show up against the white. I would omit it, if your other recipes, won’t benefit from black pepper. White pepper, is alright, but adds “heat”, not the tangy that black pepper does. I would up the lemon juice, to a Tablespoon if leaving out the pepper. Though just removing the black pepper wasn’t bad.
You can use white vinegar instead of lemon juice, but I think the lemon juice gives a better taste. If you want your “AF Mayo” more tangy, replace the lemon juice with vinegar.

aquafaba mayo before p

I used light salt, & it was fine. You can use regular table salt or the reduced (light) salt.

If you’re going to use this mayo for a nice Vegan ranch or other creamy dressing; increase the vegetable oil to 1 cup. That will make it less fluffy, & more flowing.

reduce aquafaba water p

*Finally, I reduced the AF liquid to around half, a day before making the mayo & let it chill over night, but let it get nearly to room temp, before making this.

Ok, to the recipe.

Mix the salt, & mustard with the lemon juice. Add the AquaFaba juice, vegetable oil & black pepper in to a container that your immersion blender will fit. I used (photo) the one which comes with my Cuisinart blender, it worked fine (as you can see).

Hit that bad boy on high, lifting & dropping the blender to get a great fluff. Be sure to scrape off the blender top, to get all of the contents blended.

aquafaba mayo finished p

Scrape out & done.

It’ll sit nicely for about two weeks in the fridge in an air tight container, but does lose a little of the fluff after a couple days. Cool thing is, you can make this stuff on the fly.


Chef, let’s add this to the menu. Let the pantry cooks make it ;}).


3 thoughts on “Vegan Mayo

  1. This is nicely done-I personally love a good mayonnaise,so I had to check this out A versatile mayo I can see being used for sandwiches , dip ect.


    1. Thank you. I went through a bunch of recipes, before modifying this one. It is very versatile, easy to do & has a taste that I may even consider using in recipes. Being that this one is sweet, it certainly can be used in a bunch of recipes, & modified to be more tart if that’s needed. Good luck on the things that you cook.


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