Rice Flour-Easy & Cheap

How to make Easy & Cheap Rice Flour

There could be a few reasons you want to make some rice flour.

Add it to your no glute flour mix

You want rice flour

You want to add it to your bath powder blend

You are making bath soaks

You’re cutting your bath bombs

Ninja appliances rice flour kitchen postp

So here is the “easiest” way to make rice flour (sans mill).

stage 1 rice flour 1lb Walmart rice Ninja blenderp

I did this with a 1 pound bag of regular white rice. I used the large blender (72 ounce) container on my Freshvac Ninja, because I wanted to vacuum seal the rice while it whirled about. I was hoping that it would give a better cut, & reduce the time that it took to bring it down to flour.

final countdown Ninja fresh blender rice flour postp

fine rice flour blend post cheapp

It didn’t take long to do really, maybe 3 minutes on high (frozen drink). I added 2 times on smoothie, but could have just went another (minute) on frozen. This worked very well. That is, vacuum sealing it did the job.

rice flour Ninja fresh blender 72 ounce postp ground rice flour homemade postp

Doing it this way, produces a rough, course flour (of course). About as course as say powdered milk would be. I wanted the flour way more silky than that. So I grabbed my handy spice/coffee grinder. There are a couple things about using this grinder, 1) you can’t put very much in there & 2) it gets hot pretty quickly.

handmade spice grinder rice flour postp

After doing it for about four or five minutes, shaking & turning the grinder to get everything whipped against the blades; it produced a fine flour, yet course, not silky.

Not that it was bad, not at all. It depends on your need for the rice flour. It’ll mix very well at this point. I wanted to go further.

I sifted out this ground flour, keeping the very fine stuff that passed through the strainer.

sift rice flour at home postp

I took this more fine flour & put it in my large (VERY LARGE) mortar & pestle & gave it a “few” whirls, rolls & twists (for about twenty minutes of so). It (of course) produced an even finer flour. This wasn’t silky smooth, but it certainly was very fine. Super fine actually.
It will make a very nice additive to the bath powder blend. I wouldn’t use it where skin will rub though, too “rough”. It also makes for a very fine flour additive for your gluten free flour blends, that require rice flour.

mortar & pestle ground flourB postp

The time & electricity proly still comes out a bit cheaper than buying a bag retail. Plus, you know there isn’t anything added to your rice flour that you didn’t put in. That in itself is a good thing.

Super fine ground Walmart rice flour postp

Final results. For bath powder people, it’s still rough, NOT silky. For those making a soaking bath mix, this is what you’re after to go with your oatmeal. For those who are cutting bath bombs, this is super fine. For those who are going to cook it, it’s super fine.


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