Air Crisp Snacking-Pizza Rolls

There is a trick to getting things cooked right, even when you’re in a hurry. The oven is nice, but takes too long, & often they aren’t quite right.

I like using my Ninja Foodi for a whole bunch of things. From full on meals, to heating up some snacks. Like everyone, I like it done quickly too. I don’t always have the time, nor the want, to make something from scratch. I am a big fan of pizza rolls, but detest them coming from the microwave :p.

Here is how to cook (air fry) them in your Ninja Foodi to get them hot, & crispy. Each roll, has a different setting (amount & time), but it’s all about the same. A preheated Foodi, will cook faster, so it doesn’t hurt to do so. You can by pass the recommended five minute preheat, usually, by adding 2 minutes to the cook time. Practice, to be sure your defrosting is the same as mine.

Compared cooking times FoodiP

Pepperoni Pizza rolls

40 defrosted rolls

You can “defrost” the PR’s by nuking them for about a minute, or around 3 minutes on the defrost setting. Depending on your microwave. A couple hours in the fridge is fine too.

Place the rolls in the Foodi, close the lid & Air Crisp on 375°F for 7 minutes.

Scoop them out with a spoon, or using pot holders dump them out on a plate & serve.
From frozen: Go with 375°F & 11-12 minutes for about 25 rolls. 360°F if you’re not going to watch them.

Combination PR’s:

30 defrosted rolls

Again 375°F & 9 minutes

From frozen was a bit harder on the combos. I found 10 minutes & about two minutes standing came out the best. I think it depends on how fresh they are, production standards, & probably if they ever were defrosted from production.

just right pizza roll cooking timesP
The bacon PR’s are done the same way the combos are.

30 defrosted rolls

375°F & 9 minutes

Let the rolls stand about a minute, & they’ll “finish” better. That’s usually the time it takes to plate & serve.

If I have to tell you that they will be very hot inside, you probably shouldn’t be cooking with out an adult watching you.

Pizza rolls with dip Ninja Foodi aircrispP

Mix up a dip if you’d like. Six rolls (on package) is one serving, so adjust as needed.

Check out some of my other dips & sauces here.


2 thoughts on “Air Crisp Snacking-Pizza Rolls

  1. Pizza rolls are always a favorite in my house. Quick is good. I am not a fan of soggy from the microwave either. Dipping sauce could certainly make them more interesting. Ranch maybe?


    1. Me either! I don’t like waiting for the traditional oven to make them, that’s for sure. I adore my Ninja Foodi for how much it can do. Hopefully it helps in the areas I really need it! Thank you for your comments & support.


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