Water Melon Time

Now this is using your melon
If you’re wondering how to get those neat little water melon steaks/rounds, here’s the trick.roundsp.jpg

When you select your water melon, thump it so you hear a hollow thump on each thump. This is full of juice, & very sweet. Whether it has reproductive seeds in it, is another thing.

Place your melon on a cutting board, & slice the melon in half. Turn melon on side & cut off rind.


After that, lay it back on it’s side & cut your rounds. That’s it, works every time.

The juicier the melon, the easier it will be to split. This one fell apart as I put the knife in it.

cut rindp

Trim as needed.


For the pieces that aren’t round, you can make one heck of a smoothie or frozen drink (alcohol optional of course).

melon chunksP

Put as much water melon in the 72 oz Ninja (or any large) blender as you can fit, & let it sit for an hour or two. If you selected a real juicy water melon, you’ll have a couple ounces of juice. Blend this on smoothie. Yields about 65 ounces. Drink it as is if you’d like or.

2 Cups cold water
1/2 a packet of watermelon strawberry flavoring
2 Tbsp sweet N low


Makes a wonderfully refreshing drink.


I didn’t vacuum seal the drink this time, but you certainly can, as it’ll do the flavor saving thing this blender is good at doing.

Option three

2 Cups vodka, rum or tequila

Smoothie melon. Stir in alcohol slowly


Option 3A

Half a picture of crushed ice
2 C alcohol

Liquify melon, add ice, hit smoothie. Stir in alcohol.

Option 3B Sparkling Virgin Version

Replace alcohol with a sparkling soda like 7 Up.

Yeah, for the food blog <sip>.


Blender pitcherp

Sit back wit a nice tall glass.


Mint leaves optional

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