Apples & Onions Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I am going to put up a series of sandwiches that I used to make on a panini press, & before when I used to “ride the ferries off Water St”. Quite a few families would take these with them on the ride to where they were going; so I added so,me instant photo/vacation theme to the pictures to lighten things up.

Careful these are tasty big person grilled cheese sandwiches (sammies), that harbor on the elite & gourmet. AKA, you may like them a whole bunch.

As many of you who know me, know that I am a big fan of sandwiches. Some of you have had a couple of my creations for your lunch, while others have been test subjects to new ideas. The feedback that I get & have received has been great, thanks.

I have been a big panini fan for quite some time, as far back as when that was new fangled stuff. A pressed sandwich isn’t all that new, years ago we put a plate on the grilled cheese so the runner knew which one to take. I’m not saying that’s how it caught on, but I may be implying.


Anyhow a “couple” years back I recieved a Flipwich sandwich maker as a gift. I love the thing, actually. It’s not a panini press, but it does do a decent job of being it’s little sister. I like that I don’t have to lose a spot on the counter for a single use device. I can put the Flipwich away in the pantry till the next time.
As the title says, Apples & Onions.

1 large to huge Granny Smith (or other) green apple
1 large to huge yellow onion you can in this case sub a sweet or Spanish onion
6 slices cheddar cheese mild to extra sharp
2 slices white style bread (A pullman loaf is best)
Salt & Pepper

You want the apple & the onion sliced as thin as possible. As you can see in the pictures, it’s pretty translucent. If you can’t cut this thin with your knife, use a mandalin or a slicer. Thin is what you want here. Make it thick if you must, but you have to taste the difference with thin.

thinly slicedp

Skin your apple, & peel your onion. Start from the top & slice it off so it’s even. You can lay the apple or onion on it’s side if it’s easier for you to cut. If you do, a trick is to nick off a piece of the round, to make a flat spot. I didn’t do that here, as I just slice down like I do tomatoes.

Cut 4 slices. You won’t have to worry about the core, because the slices are pretty darn thin, & you haven’t cut down that far. I went & added some cored apple pics so you can see how it looks after you’ve cut a few sandwiches out.

If you were able to get a huge apple & onion, you can use just one slice as a layer (yum). Here’s the trick; for the onion, you want to cut down the side of the onion.


Slice the cheese pretty thin. You don’t want it thick & hard. You are going to arrange it as one layer as well, but you’re going to do this twice. Once on the bottom, once on the top (grilled cheese style).

The bread is important as well. I suggested a pullman loaf. These are evenly sliced & uniform. You can pick these up in your store as well, now. I like to cut some Italian bread down to sandwich size, but keep in mind it’s a firmer bread than your basic (plastic) white. What ever you choose will be fine. Wheat as long as it’s flexible & moist. Not that dried out stuff.

3by layer 001p.jpg

Now that, those are all prepared, you can start putting things together. Put the pan on to get hot. You can do this in a regular flat bottomed frying pan if you’d like, you just won’t get those extra toasty marks.
You want the heat about medium high, & even. If your panini only heats when it’s closed, kepp it closed & build your sandwich “off board”.

If you actually have a Flipwich, heat it, then turn it over.

Butter the outside of both slices of the bread. Open the unit, place the buttered side down. Add the cheese, the apple, the onion, salt & pepper. Top that with cheese & the last piece of bread (buttered side up). Close the lid.

3by layer 002 postp.jpg

Flip the Flipwich for a more even cooking. Your panini grill may have a light that indicates “up to temp” It should be done just as the light comes back on. My old one did.

Take it out, let it rest a moment (about the time you get some chips or fries). Halve, quarter ar sixlet cut.

Plate & serve. It took me longer to write this than it will to make & cook one.

If you put this on the menu, I at least want some credit.

Want a secret? Add a dash or two of paprika on the cheese. Shhh, only the people who actually read this recipe will know.

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