Tomato & Ham GC

Little secrets are important in cooking. Those are what can change or make a dish or a recipe.

Here is the second part of my Flipwich or panini grilled cheese set.

Adding a sliced tomato to a grilled cheese sandwich, has been a trick for many years. It’s very tasty, & goes so very well with the cheddar cheese. Kind of the taste you get with having some tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.

2nd level of tomatoP

Taking this up to another level, you can add some ham to this. With this recipe, I chose to use the more tasty Roma tomatoes. You can slice them meaty or thin as you like. These I went with a medium thin, because this sandwich has a few layers to it.

ham layerP

I want to point out that quite often, slicing your ingredients very thin, adds a level of taste to the sandwich that is different than something thick.

If you aren’t able to get a very thin slice with your kitchen or chef’s knife, you can use a large mandalin or electric slicer. The setting is about a 1, depending on your slicer or mandolin.

You also want to side slice your tomato, so that you get all of the flavor. You can leave the crown on if you like. I cut that off & tossed it in the composter.

1 large Roma or beefstake tomato
4 slices of ham cut in half
6 slices cheddar cheese

You want a medium high heat for your Flipwich or panini grill. While that’s heating, you can wash & slice your tomato.

Butter the outside of the bread, like you would for a grilled cheese, & set them aside. Slice your tomato & cheese.


Just regular deli ham is what you’re after here. Cooked, honey, Black Forest, Virgina, which ever you like. Two slices, cut so it fits with in the crust lines.

Lay down the buttered side of the bread. Start building your layers.

Lay down your cheese, then your tomato. Season with salt & pepper. Now layer your ham on top of that. Add the second layer of tomato & season. Finally add the top layer of cheese & cover with the buttered bread, butter up. Close the panini. If you’re using a Flipwich, as I am turn it over.


It only takes about two minutes more to finish. Empty it out onto your plate & serve. Serve with soup, fries or potato chips if you’d like. A nice bleu cheese & mushroom dressing on the side, as a dip is good too.

Half cut diagonally, or quarter cut after it has sat for a couple minutes. You’ll see that I diagonally cut my sandwiches, & not use the retangle cut. This is to promote eating in a way that isn’t as messy, & for those who want small bites. If you haven’t tried it this way, try it some time, it may catch on.


One more thing, you of course can crust this sandwich for those who don’t want any crust. Let it sit for about five minutes more if you want to do Lady fingers, or squares


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