Busy, busy, busy

Picture the magician in my favorite snowman (Frosty) movie, after Santa’s visit.

I’ve been a bit slow in posting recipes & ideas, because I have been working on some stories, as well as a cook book. The stories are selling of course, so I kind of lean towards feeding that.

I also am learning an art program, that has quite the learning curve to it. I am adding illustrations to my stories (not the cook book). So this means I need to re-read, & start pasting. I still have to retouch (PSE) those panels to be story specific.

I can’t find a cook book program that I like, & Amazon isn’t being helpful with the Kindle one. So, I’ve been working with an old (ancient in computer terms) program called Master Cook (5) Suite because it was a great program, & would publish in a fairly good PDF-cook book page style. The only problem is importing the recipes, tips & so on. A bit time consuming.
Side bar, you can still import recipes with it, from the web., & trading is always fun.

Anyhow, so that’s where I am at. Aside from the pandemic making things difficult, being a published author, keeping up on my help forums, a “couple” other blogs, editing stories & books, learning a 3D story panel program, I have one or two normal things to contend with like everyone else :}). Oh, & I have tennis elbow so typing hurts :{(.

Stay safe. Practice cooking & your knife skills.  .  . I wouldn’t go all Julia Child, 300 pounds of onions crazy, but maybe 100 pounds.




Credits: Amazon Kindle Edit, Sierra for Master Cook Suite 5 (now owned by ValueSoft), Adobe for Elements, 3D Visual Novel Maker (available on Steam). No, I’m not using a Royal manual typewriter, but it sure looks cool.


10 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

    1. Sorry about the delay. Add to this, a pandemic causing us to rethink a few things & building a computer.
      I have “quite a few” old recipes. Some I’ve gathered from family, others are clippings from magazines & such, while others are traded & learned. I “think” I’ve a “few” cookbooks too, someplace of course. I don’t have an exact number, but some of them scanned & entered into a program, take up a hefty portion of a small drive :}). You know text files aren’t too big.

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      1. Hi there Chew on this, hope you are well and safe. Cannot imagine AIC… LOL! Typo! The COVD has displaced most of us causing refocusing and reorganization of many projects. Yours appears as a needed and interesting cataloging project, Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekending! Cheers!❤️🌺❤️

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      2. Hi AIC, I hope you are well too. Yeah, I am trying to put a cookbook “together”, & that is the hardest. “[What] to leave in, what to leave out”? I am using an ancient cooking computer program to help me on that, but have to get it set up on the computer that will run it-whew! Stay safe, keep the coffee hot & the music flowing!

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