No Smelly Lids or plastic

Smell this!

As many who know me, know that I like reusing, & recycling things. Combine that with my love to dehydrate my own stuff, & I need containers. Lots of containers. I’ll use plastic containers, but I prefer to reuse glass jars. Glass doesn’t leech anything onto or into the contents.

Some of the better jars for putting your dehydrated herbs & veggies in, are wide mouth jars. Pickle jars are a good example of these. Or anything pickled. Sauerkraut comes to mind as a fan fav.

lid inside postP

The one BIG thing that is annoying in reusing jars, is a smelly lid. “Nothing like” opening a jar of your favorite dried mushrooms & have them smell like pickled garlic last contents!

You can let the lids air out for about a year or two, that helps reduce the aroma of the former contents, but anyone who uses jars knows that five or more years is about right. Even then, there can be little bits here or there.

A quick, & certainly easy way is this. Fill the lid with your used coffee grounds, before you put them in the ‘composter’.


coffee grounds fresh cooled to touch

stock grounds postP

In the picture, are two scoops of coffee; using a Mr. Coffee (provided) scoop. About a tablespoon. I also included a picture of the coffee grounds the way I have them & that’s with crushed egg shells.
Sub note: Egg shells are good to reduce the “bite” of coffee.

lids w-grounds postP

The length of time that the grounds sit in the lid, depends on the former contents, but about a week, or till the grounds dry out.
You can freshen this up & have the lid (s) “soaking” for a month. Coffee pulls out the aroma or smell in the seal used for sealing. I haven’t needed to have a lid filled for longer than a month. But certainly test it on your own.

Clean up the lid with regular soap & water after emptying the contents in the compost bin. Sanitize & air dry as you normally would & get it back into service.

This method is also good for most plastic containers & lids. Depending on the plastic & the former contents, usually about a month is good.

lid w-shells postP

Be safe. Don’t just fill the lid or container & leave it for a month, you’ll make mold in two weeks. Less if it’s real hot & humid. This means cleaning out the old grounds & replacing it with fresh grounds.

I haven’t tried it with tea leaves, but would expect it to work fairly evenly to coffee grounds, though you may need to do it longer.


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