Mellow Coffee

Good Morning.

There are probably half as many ways to make coffee, as there are recipes for a martini. I’m not going to explain a great recipe, chide you for not following some ancient ritual, or look down at you because you do it a little differently. Find your ground (chuckle), & stand there.

I have a pretty set way to make & drink coffee. It’s a bit different than my Saturday & Sunday coffee. Will I change it? Sure, well, somewhat.

This recipe/posting is for those who want to better the standard cup of coffee before you head out the door. Or get things started. You use what you have. No need to add more things. Not this time.

My coffee machine is a Mr. Coffeen 5 cup. I don’t know which one other than it makes 5 cups. Note: Mr Coffee a cup of coffee is 5 ounces, everyone else a cup is 6 ounces. Keep that in mind, when you make coffee. It may also explain why the coffee tastes a little different (you’re welcome).

I also want to say this. A clean system (basket, filter, pot & tube) is very important. Ceramic tubing over aluminum if you can help it. If you have an off the shelf coffee brewing machine, you can’t, unless you replace the internals. There is a big taste difference, but I’m not changing out the tubing on this machine. I have, before, just not on this machine.

I grew up with percolator coffee. My fam roots are navy/maritime, so a cup of “coffee should take the hair off your chest, & grow some fresh hair for you”.

So, working on my wanting my cup of coffee now (five minutes, really!?), I’m by passing a few traditions. Coffee really has come a long way, but you can still get a bitter cup from time to time. Barring the use of Butternut or Kava blends/brands of coffee (if they still make them), you can chill out the bite or bitterness of coffee real easy.

No, not salt. . .

Egg shells.

I kid you not. I learned this back in the make a cup of coffee for a sailor training I had as a young lad. Also salt over the top of the grounds is good too, but we all need to watch our salt intake, now don’t we? Just be carful in using salt, as it will change the taste. Try the egg shells first, see how that goes.

2 scoops coffee (I use the provided Mr. Coffee scoops)
3 cup mark of water
1 1/2 (large) chicken egg* shells rinsed

1 cup mark cold water reserved for cooling (optional)

Again, yes, egg shells. Stop walking on them, put them in the coffee. Side note, they are super awesome in the composter this way.

After you make something with two eggs, keep the shells. Rinse them out with cold water. Just run the water, & stir around the inside of the empty egg shell with your finger till you have a clean shell. The white, & any membrane are gone. Leave the shells out over night at least, to dry. You want dry eggs shells.

I use 1 1/2 (large) egg shells. In my Mr. Coffee, because it has that leak out the side basket system, I add a scoop of coffee, the egg shells & the second scoop of coffee. To the 3 mark of filtered water (NOT BOTTLED). After brewing I add the cooling water which is about 1 cup or 5 more ounces. Depends on my mood that morning, mostly it’s about four ounces. I like my coffee ready to drink.

That’s it. It cuts the bitter from the coffee, & mellows it out. No counting out or weighing beans, no need to freshly grind those beans in a burring machine, no pre-heating the carafe, or wetting the filter, if you don’t want to.

Once you get into the routine, it will be fine. It doesn’t take that long, really.

Now, if you’d like, you can: Sprinkle a little table salt over the top of the grounds before brewing. You can add this (both) to your percolator. Adding the egg shells will mellow out freshly ground coffee, so that you’ll never want it another way again, that’s for sure.
The idea is to have the coffee juice layer through the shells & the filter on the bottom. You can do this in a side drip (pictured) machine, it’s still fine.

Coffee brewing is easy. 2:1 water to freshly cracked coffee, the water is 207, & runs through a filter (cloth) slowly.

You can use a metal filter, or a paper one, I don’t have a problem with the nylon baskets either, as they don’t change the flavor.

I keep my coffee fresh, by using a vacuum sealable bag, & rolling it tight before locking the resealable tabs. I have ground each cup before hand, I usually like to keep things quiet in the morning. The cat isn’t particularly happy with me making a bunch of noise at the unGodly hour of 8 am.

That’s it. Enjoy. You can incorporate any of the other grand ways to brew the nectar of the Gods or Arabian wine. The egg shells add a degree of mellow that you really want to try at least once.

Also note: I leave the grounds from the fist pot, in. That’s with the shells. I just add fresh ground, new water, & go. If I’m in hurry, I may leave this & use it once more.

I tried it in my Bodum French Press, & it wasn’t bad, it was a little more mellow. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. I may have left it in there too long, or it just doesn’t work like it does drip or perc.

FYI: If you add chocolate or cocoa to your coffee, it’s a mocha, not coffee. Nothing wrong with a packet of Swiss Miss or other powdered hot cholate on a rainy morning.
You can add 1 pat of butter (not margarine) to your pot if you’d like. It was okay, but . . . not my cup of tea so-to-speak.

*Can be any egg shells I guess. I haven’t tried other types. I thought duck would be too firm.

Rinse the shells with cold water & run your thumb or fingers around the inside to get the membrane out. You’re not trying to have boiled eggs in your coffee.

All credits to those mentioned, captured or listed as needed. Your mileage may vary. Yea Wolf Haven in Tenino Washington (no, the other Washington)!


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