A sad, sad time

I want to let everyone know that we have had a sudden non Covid death in the family dynamic here & things are going to be a bit crazy to say the least.

As any death it’s quite devestating.

I don’t feel quite as creative in cooking right now, so am not really “up to” putting up any recipes or tips. I have a difficult time with my other projects.
Secondly, I have to take care of myself, & the ol’ ticker needs a (five year) check up in the next few days. So there’s that as well.

I have quite a few things on my plate, needless to say.
If you follow me, & I post something, you’ll get the notice. I may pull something out from the pending cook book before I get it published, or the archives. I have quite a few recipes I haven’t posted as yet, in there, of course.

Anyhow, wish me luck, be positive & stay safe. Remember there isn’t a useable re-spawn in life.


5 thoughts on “A sad, sad time

  1. As I learned not too long ago, the death of someone close affects way more than a the world is different than a person would have imagined. It’s different in many ways and not always pleasant to deal with. I wish you strength in dealing with new realities. You can do this!


  2. Sorry for your loss dear friend. Being strong is what we must be. Very very soon our Lord will be returning. What a lift that is. Our staffers are pretty limited and scattered, and missed responding previously. Please accept our love and concern — Be strong in this final hour. Comforting and supportive hugs always.


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