Dill isn’t dull

Whether you’re looking for a nice sauce for your lady finger or dainty sandwiches maybe for your watercress sandwiches or even your perogies – pierogis (as pictured), this is a great go to sauce. The taste is light, & it’s super easy & quick to make. I, personally like it as a crust or bread stick dip with my pizza.

I came up with this recipe many, many years ago, actually for watercress sandwiches that I was making.

8 oz sour cream
1 Tbsp dried dill packed
Milk or cream

Packing the tablespoon is just tapping it to settle down the dill, you don’t need to press or mash it in there like brown sugar.

Mix in a small dip or soufflé’ cup as a dip, or in a bowl to be as a sauce. Use the cream or milk to thin it out as a sauce. If need be, the cooked pierogis will heat the sauce as it’s plated & served.

If you have “those mad skills” you can heat it in a double boiler as the perogies cook in the other pan. You can also heat the sauce in a shallow or frying pan on low, stirring as it heats, so it doesn’t scorch.

The quick “cheating” or on the fly method is this, or making it as a ranch dill dressing.

4 Tbsp ranch dressing
7 oz sour cream
1 Tbsp dried dill

Mix in a souffle’ cup as a dip or sandwich topping.

If you’re using this for a sandwich topping. Omit the liquid, & do not heat. Let it sit so the dill blends into the sour cream. Which if you’re doing this production style, can be on the top of each sandwich.

Variant that I like, adding to the above list

3 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
1 Tbsp Spanish Paprika
1-2 dashes powdered white pepper

Plus you can add. Choose one.
1 tsp powdered garlic
1 tsp powderd onion
If you do use these, you’ll want to add a little milk or cream as it’s starting to get dry. Add just enough to bring it back to a smooth sauce or dip.

Sometimes I sub powdered or ground cayenne pepper for the paprika, but usually I use a half Tbsp of each.

Any way you decide to make it, this is good for a couple plates of perogies as a delightful sauce.

This can be done with low fat sour cream, or that fake stuff. Don’t use mayonaisse, that cheapens it & changes the taste (YUCKO).

Additionally, you can add 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp kush or dried marijuana leaves to this (where legal).

Cook your perogies the way you like to. Just in a pan of water & some oil is fine. You only need a tsp of oil (try dill infused oil), & about two or three inches of water.

With Paprika
Always a fav


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