Ninja potato or “how to air fry your bakers”

From time to time I like to venture out & try different things in my Ninja Foodi. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t go according to plan.
My Foodi does pressure cooking as well as air frying. I have the 6.5 quart one, as it doesn’t take up so much counter space, & does a great job of cooking things for 1-3 people, but usually just one at a time.

I wanted to make a baked potato, not a micro waved potato to go with a birthday meal I was making for myself (lamb steaks).

I didn’t want to crank on the oven for a single potato, & use my Foodi for a whole bunch of meals. Here, is how I made my potato.

I did use the trivet instead of the basket, as I think it allows for more or better, air flow.

1 potato
1 Ninja Foodi
The metal insert Trivet thing
assorted baked potato toppings
sour cream
salt & pepper
cheddar cheese

I didn’t do anything fancy with the potato, just pricked (with a fork) it all over to help vent steam. Something you usually do, cooking potatoes. No oils, no rubs, no oil rubs. Just the Foodi & the potato. Came out great.

I selected a decent sized potato, about a number 3 in size. Most potatoes for baking are #2’s or the super huge meal in itself #1’s. See my tips section for potato sizes.
Put the pricked potato in the Foodi.
Set your Foodi on the default 390°F.
Set the timer for 35 minutes.

Any longer than thirty-five minutes, will start drying out the potato. If you like a dry potato, than go for 40-45 minutes. The potato is finished, when it’s “tender” to a fork or knife in the middle.
Take it out & plate it.
Split it open, let it stand for up to five minutes. Season & top with your desired (loaded) toppings.

I like to split my potato with a cross, then push the long ends together, before topping. I did this professionally too, because it opens the potato, & gets more of the inside (meat) coated. Plus, it allows me to better stack the toppings & not have them fall over on the way to the guest/table.
Tip: Press the center of the potato down with a fork to make a crater or divot.

That’s it. You can do up to three to four potatoes in the Foodi at the same time. Don’t crowd them & test the centers to be sure they are tender. Tip: almost done means you can leave them alone to sit. Don’t close the lid or it will steam itself.

Give it a try.


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