For many years (late 1970’s) I have been in a professional kitchen. Before that, I learned how to cook at home, & was soon making the family meals. Like most, I started in the restaurant as a dish washer, & worked my way up to general manager (thanks). I have cooked for some very large events, some huge events, & even a few meals for two from time to time. I have seen & have been a part of many changes over the decades, & have worked every region in the US.

Over the years I have gathered a slew of recipes. Some of these, I am going to put here (with photos) so you can see how it’s actually done. I’ll add videos if I feel it will help or be a great reference point. With the emphasis on meals for (one) two.

I have cooked nearly every type of food, on nearly every piece of equipment there is. From elegant gourmet kitchens, to those wonderful greasy spoons as well as your ‘normal house & camping stuff. I have even cooked on the water (only the deft should cook hot dogs on a rolling grill), on ships, in storms & internationally (albeit briefly internationally). I have learned the patience of French cooking, & the fine art of Asian food prep. I have made centuries old recipes (SCA-BBM), along with some great chefs (thank you Salamala-Jeff D {RIP}.), & may even share a few of my fav’s here. I actually do have a recipe for song bird & black swan btw ;}).

My favorite foods to make are Italian & American, as they have a better prep to cooking ratio than the others. Sometimes I like something to cook all day, while other times, I want it done with very little stove time.

This blog is about doing this, in home, with the stuff on hand. If I use a specific tool, I’ll let you know that, so you can adapt, or get the tool; but mostly everything will be with stuff at home. What you already have. Here are things even you & your `littles’ can do together.

These are going to be done in home, with simple low budget things. No elaborate cooking machines, I won’t have a slew of sous chefs helping me, & for the most part I am going to use a toaster oven, a microwave & an air fryer, when I’m not using a conventional oven.
I will use my professional knives though, & I prefer using Henckels. They are a straight blade knife (no rocking), & offer a better control. Use whatever you have, I’m just telling you my preference. Everything else is pretty much Ecko ware, with very few professional Cambro & Pyrex thrown in as needed.

I will include short cuts, tips & suggestions as they come up. I will leave the comments open for you, & will get to them as I can. I’m actually going to prepare the recipes that are here, not just copy & paste them. I know surprise! To me, the idea of this cooking blog is actually putting things together. Neat ideas, cool recipes & how easy is it to do at home. BTW, I’m not listing the failures unless posting that would be of interest.

I will be gathering these recipes, tips & ideas & putting them together in my digital cookbook. I use Master Cook Suite, as well as Master Cook Deluxe (9) & have for quite a few years. Over the years, in these & other forums, I have posted a few of my ‘doctored’ recipes, & sometimes will quote them, or even from them. If not actually posting them.

You can always copy & paste or print screen. For those with Epson printers, just click your print icon & print to file. To have a digital copy. CutePDF users print as normal from your browser.
Other electronic device users, you may have a save to pdf option in your share (three dots) menu.

If you want a fairly good, free, file (PDF) printer use cutepdf & be sure to add the ghost program with it. This way you can “print” to pdf instead of saving (the web page) as.

I have taught or trained quite a few people in the course of time that I have been in the kitchen. Not just builds, but a few tips & tricks, the basics, even that crazy set the pan ablaze cooking. Some of these, I’ll put in here, & maybe inspire you, or the next generation of great chefs, or just help the French fry guy-who knows?

So join me along this tasty journey. You may even develop a flair for cooking. Please remember this! There isn’t any vanity or egos in cooking. . . I (chef) have it all ;}).


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