Pizza Pillows Fair Food

The fourth food in this VR Carnival/Fair Food Court will be Pizza Pillows. Made with wonton wrappers & pre-mixed ingredients. You can also use spring or egg rolls if you’d like. The sizes on this are approximate to give you an idea of what you can do. My yield was 16 wonton wraps, making 16 pillows. 40 slices of pepperoni1-2 oz mozzarella cheese shredded3 oz … Continue reading Pizza Pillows Fair Food

Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons

No, I said wontons. My third entry into the fair food will be wontons. Bacon double cheese, burger. The wonton wrapper adds a crisp crunch to this. I made them three ways. Pillows, rolls, & ravioli style. For speed, ravioli wins out. For popper ability, pillows are great. Rolls are a bit harder to make, but dip very, very well. Anyhow this will use up … Continue reading Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons