Manual to Electric Coffee Burring Tip

Grind me a pound will ya!? Burr This tip, is a real world way to an idea that I saw on-line someplace. I had wondered about it for some time, so thought I’d get all of the pieces in order & offer it as a successful tip here. I have used a large ratchet & socket to speed grinding up, WAY back (in the early … Continue reading Manual to Electric Coffee Burring Tip

Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons

No, I said wontons. My third entry into the fair food will be wontons. Bacon double cheese, burger. The wonton wrapper adds a crisp crunch to this. I made them three ways. Pillows, rolls, & ravioli style. For speed, ravioli wins out. For popper ability, pillows are great. Rolls are a bit harder to make, but dip very, very well. Anyhow this will use up … Continue reading Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons

Homemade Corned Beef Hash: Pandemic version

Every year I really look forward to Cooking up some corned beef & cabbage for the holiday. It means that I’ll be having some fresh corned beef hash that Sunday for breakfast. Usually as I put the Corned Beef dinner away, I’ll make sure to separate a small portion for hash. Cabbage & water in the hash isn’t on the list, but isn’t too bad. … Continue reading Homemade Corned Beef Hash: Pandemic version

Conversation Heart Cookies

Not quite along the lines of a how to cooking recipe but certainly something you can throw together easily enough that I’d like to share. I wanted something different than the “Necco” conversation hearts. Time stamp: I also hear that the company which bought them, is having another issue this year making them. Anyhow. I wanted to try out cookie flooding as well as edible … Continue reading Conversation Heart Cookies

Cream Cheese & Apple GC

Cream cheese & apples together, is a great combination. If you haven’t spread some cream cheese on your green apple slices I suggest that you try it.           Do both. That, or this recipe right here. The third part of my Flipwich or panini Grilled Cheese sandwiches, is Tea Time. As you can see in the opening picture, the crust is cut off the sandwich. … Continue reading Cream Cheese & Apple GC