Holiday Pizza Pot pies & Baskets

No pot was harmed in making these pies. Pizza. I love it, nearly everyone loves it. The taste combination, the socializing that comes with it, the memories; all of that ties in. We’ve Americanized it, as we tend to do a few items. Accepting a taste & texture to be the “set way” for example. Here, for Halloween, we’re going to make pizza pot pies! … Continue reading Holiday Pizza Pot pies & Baskets

Itza Wrap-Breakfast Burrito

Already tired of the sausage breakfast sandwich? maybe English muffins & croissants aren’t your thing, & you’re out of bagels? Want something different? Maybe something that you can use for lunch as well? Many years back, & from time to time, I pre-make some breakfast burritos, wrap them in cellophane & toss them in the freezer. They are great for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. … Continue reading Itza Wrap-Breakfast Burrito