Beef Stroganoff

As with any meal, other than one pot dumping, there is some prep needed. If you need to get this together before you head out the door, I suggest just slicing everything & pouring it into the slow cooker. Unless you either prep the night before or get pre-cut packaged stuff. Certainly don’t try to take pictures while you put it together (if you’re in … Continue reading Beef Stroganoff

Pressured Corned Beef & Cabbage

Now, similar to cooking more tough cuts of meat (beef), corned beef isn’t the most tender of cuts, & needs a little more time to cook well, even in the pressure cooker. Though it doesn’t always happen, I too, like just dumping everything in & coming back to a finished meal. I cook for other people every day, & unless I’m entertaining or am leaning … Continue reading Pressured Corned Beef & Cabbage