Dysphagia Buffalo Mac or potato & Cheese

You can either use macaroni, or potatoes. I made this twice (this time), to show both of them. Neither one is formed or molded. More often than not, my friend Richie wants to eat with me, not wait for the meal to be molded. Sometimes I just blend the meal & eat it with him-duh. So for those of you ultra cool home care workers … Continue reading Dysphagia Buffalo Mac or potato & Cheese

A Quick Dyshphagia Meal

You know how it is, you’re hungry & you don’t have time to cook something that’s going to take long. If you’re cooking for someone else, it’s even longer. Imagine how long it is, when your diner has Dysdphagia (trouble swallowing), double that plus half. You have to prep, then cook, then prep, then blend, mold/shape, cook again. So you don’t always have a lot … Continue reading A Quick Dyshphagia Meal

Teriyaki Wings 5 ways from Sunday

Wings, there are so many kinds & types. Wings to fly, wings to eat, some to watch, some to hear. I’m going to list three ways to cook the same thing. Fry, bake, pressure cooker, Sous Vide, & slow cooker. Dump & go is such a convenience when you are away all day & just want to come home to done. Keep in mind that … Continue reading Teriyaki Wings 5 ways from Sunday

Breast (or Wing) Sauce Buffalo Style

Everyone has their version of something, that’s what makes things fun. Some recipes change, because other recipes change that influence them. This is why I always like recipes that aren’t dependent on a specific retail product, & try to make recipes that don’t use them, or have alternatives. That is, you can make this, here. But I also know I don’t always have time to … Continue reading Breast (or Wing) Sauce Buffalo Style