Manual to Electric Coffee Burring Tip

Grind me a pound will ya!? Burr This tip, is a real world way to an idea that I saw on-line someplace. I had wondered about it for some time, so thought I’d get all of the pieces in order & offer it as a successful tip here. I have used a large ratchet & socket to speed grinding up, WAY back (in the early … Continue reading Manual to Electric Coffee Burring Tip

Filtered & Carbonized Beer

Filtered beer & a reasonable carbonizing method This is to remove many of the “floaties” in your home brewed beer after brewing, during bottling with out priming. “Floaties” are shown in the header photo.You will carbonate your beer, with a reasonably priced carbonizing soda system with out reconstruction or modifications to the unit. The only catch on this, are the bottle the machine uses. It’s … Continue reading Filtered & Carbonized Beer

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Bacon Weave for your sandwich

Bacon Weave Or Bacon folding for your sandwich. It can be for your burger, or for a bacon sandwich too. Anything that you want to add some bacon to, & get full coverage.Let’s be clear on this, it takes an extra moment, but the results are good. 4 strips of bacon halved, minus one half You can cook the pieces before weaving, or, like everyone … Continue reading Bacon Weave for your sandwich

Non- Chemical Free Flowing Additive

Yeah, I’m free, free flowing. . . oops, that’s not the song. No, don’t worry, the additive really isn’t rice. I don’t like that in my shakers either. It has been a helper to many, many kitchen over the years, but this isn’t it. Free flowing seasoned salt, or any salt for that matter is convenient, more than anything else. Often, you can shake up … Continue reading Non- Chemical Free Flowing Additive

No Smelly Lids or plastic

Smell this! As many who know me, know that I like reusing, & recycling things. Combine that with my love to dehydrate my own stuff, & I need containers. Lots of containers. I’ll use plastic containers, but I prefer to reuse glass jars. Glass doesn’t leech anything onto or into the contents. Some of the better jars for putting your dehydrated herbs & veggies in, … Continue reading No Smelly Lids or plastic

Conversation Heart Cookies

Not quite along the lines of a how to cooking recipe but certainly something you can throw together easily enough that I’d like to share. I wanted something different than the “Necco” conversation hearts. Time stamp: I also hear that the company which bought them, is having another issue this year making them. Anyhow. I wanted to try out cookie flooding as well as edible … Continue reading Conversation Heart Cookies

Handmade Brown Sugar

This is a brief article for making brown sugar. This was originally in the tips article, but I’m going to break out the articles in there, so they are easier to reference for people. “The most common forms of molasses are made from either sugar cane or sugar beet juice which is boiled down to a syrup. Sugar crystals are extracted from the syrup, and … Continue reading Handmade Brown Sugar