Wine, Wine- Strawberry Wine

Making this wine is easier than figuring out the song references. Promise. A simple, easy to make wine. It’s done in a month & doesn’t need you fussing over it. A very good starter wine. That is, where you’re starting to make wine at home. Home brewing is allowed in the USA, check the laws of where you are.It’ll make a just under a gallon … Continue reading Wine, Wine- Strawberry Wine

Filtered & Carbonized Beer

Filtered beer & a reasonable carbonizing method This is to remove many of the “floaties” in your home brewed beer after brewing, during bottling with out priming. “Floaties” are shown in the header photo.You will carbonate your beer, with a reasonably priced carbonizing soda system with out reconstruction or modifications to the unit. The only catch on this, are the bottle the machine uses. It’s … Continue reading Filtered & Carbonized Beer

Cream Cheese & Apple GC

Cream cheese & apples together, is a great combination. If you haven’t spread some cream cheese on your green apple slices I suggest that you try it.           Do both. That, or this recipe right here. The third part of my Flipwich or panini Grilled Cheese sandwiches, is Tea Time. As you can see in the opening picture, the crust is cut off the sandwich. … Continue reading Cream Cheese & Apple GC