Pizza Bites & Wraps

Pizza bites with fresh ingredients. Quick & simple really. You can make a bunch of them in advance & freeze them. Be sure to stack them end flap down. You can freeze them raw or cooked, finishing them off when you’re ready. These are fantastic any time, but a kick when you’re camping or tailgating. You can have some additional sauce on the side for … Continue reading Pizza Bites & Wraps

Holiday Pizza Pot pies & Baskets

No pot was harmed in making these pies. Pizza. I love it, nearly everyone loves it. The taste combination, the socializing that comes with it, the memories; all of that ties in. We’ve Americanized it, as we tend to do a few items. Accepting a taste & texture to be the “set way” for example. Here, for Halloween, we’re going to make pizza pot pies! … Continue reading Holiday Pizza Pot pies & Baskets

Beef Stroganoff

As with any meal, other than one pot dumping, there is some prep needed. If you need to get this together before you head out the door, I suggest just slicing everything & pouring it into the slow cooker. Unless you either prep the night before or get pre-cut packaged stuff. Certainly don’t try to take pictures while you put it together (if you’re in … Continue reading Beef Stroganoff