A Quick Dyshphagia Meal

You know how it is, you’re hungry & you don’t have time to cook something that’s going to take long. If you’re cooking for someone else, it’s even longer. Imagine how long it is, when your diner has Dysdphagia (trouble swallowing), double that plus half. You have to prep, then cook, then prep, then blend, mold/shape, cook again. So you don’t always have a lot … Continue reading A Quick Dyshphagia Meal

Getting your buns restaurant toasty

Here’s a quick tip on how to toast your buns at home, like a pro. bun or roll flat frying pan or griddle butter empty sauce pan paper plate Get your sliced bun or roll (Kaiser rolls make wonderful hamburger & pulled pork “buns”). Heat up your frying pan medium high as you; Butter the inside of the “bun”. Your frying pan should be as … Continue reading Getting your buns restaurant toasty