Wine, Wine- Strawberry Wine

Making this wine is easier than figuring out the song references. Promise. A simple, easy to make wine. It’s done in a month & doesn’t need you fussing over it. A very good starter wine. That is, where you’re starting to make wine at home. Home brewing is allowed in the USA, check the laws of where you are.It’ll make a just under a gallon … Continue reading Wine, Wine- Strawberry Wine

Ninja potato or “how to air fry your bakers”

From time to time I like to venture out & try different things in my Ninja Foodi. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t go according to plan.My Foodi does pressure cooking as well as air frying. I have the 6.5 quart one, as it doesn’t take up so much counter space, & does a great job of cooking things for 1-3 people, but usually just … Continue reading Ninja potato or “how to air fry your bakers”

Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons

No, I said wontons. My third entry into the fair food will be wontons. Bacon double cheese, burger. The wonton wrapper adds a crisp crunch to this. I made them three ways. Pillows, rolls, & ravioli style. For speed, ravioli wins out. For popper ability, pillows are great. Rolls are a bit harder to make, but dip very, very well. Anyhow this will use up … Continue reading Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons

Non- Chemical Free Flowing Additive

Yeah, I’m free, free flowing. . . oops, that’s not the song. No, don’t worry, the additive really isn’t rice. I don’t like that in my shakers either. It has been a helper to many, many kitchen over the years, but this isn’t it. Free flowing seasoned salt, or any salt for that matter is convenient, more than anything else. Often, you can shake up … Continue reading Non- Chemical Free Flowing Additive

Conversation Heart Cookies

Not quite along the lines of a how to cooking recipe but certainly something you can throw together easily enough that I’d like to share. I wanted something different than the “Necco” conversation hearts. Time stamp: I also hear that the company which bought them, is having another issue this year making them. Anyhow. I wanted to try out cookie flooding as well as edible … Continue reading Conversation Heart Cookies

Handmade Brown Sugar

This is a brief article for making brown sugar. This was originally in the tips article, but I’m going to break out the articles in there, so they are easier to reference for people. “The most common forms of molasses are made from either sugar cane or sugar beet juice which is boiled down to a syrup. Sugar crystals are extracted from the syrup, and … Continue reading Handmade Brown Sugar

Apples & Onions Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I am going to put up a series of sandwiches that I used to make on a panini press, & before when I used to “ride the ferries off Water St”. Quite a few families would take these with them on the ride to where they were going; so I added so,me instant photo/vacation theme to the pictures to lighten things up. Careful these are … Continue reading Apples & Onions Grilled Cheese Sandwich