Cream Cheese & Apple GC

Cream cheese & apples together, is a great combination. If you haven’t spread some cream cheese on your green apple slices I suggest that you try it.           Do both. That, or this recipe right here. The third part of my Flipwich or panini Grilled Cheese sandwiches, is Tea Time. As you can see in the opening picture, the crust is cut off the sandwich. … Continue reading Cream Cheese & Apple GC

Apples & Onions Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I am going to put up a series of sandwiches that I used to make on a panini press, & before when I used to “ride the ferries off Water St”. Quite a few families would take these with them on the ride to where they were going; so I added so,me instant photo/vacation theme to the pictures to lighten things up. Careful these are … Continue reading Apples & Onions Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nacho Momma’s Chips

Freshly baked nachos are awesome! Nothing like them for game night, movie night, or just snacking. Here is a little different version of the classic nacho creation that you’ll like. It has a sweetness to it that dances on your tongue, with the charred burger, & the freshly cut jalapeno rings add the heat you want. I also wanted them faster than quick, something that … Continue reading Nacho Momma’s Chips