Buffalo Cheese Dip

Whether you like a spicy hot cheese dip for your fries, or you want some to dunk your dino nuggets in, this Buffalo style hot cheese dip is very easy to make. A secret to spicy or tangy sauces, dips & oils. It will “get” hotter if you let it sit. Once everything is blended together, let it sit on the counter or table undisturbed … Continue reading Buffalo Cheese Dip

Ninja potato or “how to air fry your bakers”

From time to time I like to venture out & try different things in my Ninja Foodi. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t go according to plan.My Foodi does pressure cooking as well as air frying. I have the 6.5 quart one, as it doesn’t take up so much counter space, & does a great job of cooking things for 1-3 people, but usually just … Continue reading Ninja potato or “how to air fry your bakers”

Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons

No, I said wontons. My third entry into the fair food will be wontons. Bacon double cheese, burger. The wonton wrapper adds a crisp crunch to this. I made them three ways. Pillows, rolls, & ravioli style. For speed, ravioli wins out. For popper ability, pillows are great. Rolls are a bit harder to make, but dip very, very well. Anyhow this will use up … Continue reading Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons

Sloppy Joe

What a great smol or little meal. Even if you keep it neat, sloppy Joe’s are a great meal. They really aren’t difficult to make, adding the right spices is important. You certainly want something more than just ketchup & hamburger. 1 can tomato paste (6oz) 6 oz hot (1 can) water for blending 1 Tb garlic minced 1/2 tsp chili powder 2 tsp Dijon … Continue reading Sloppy Joe

Pulled Chicken-BBQ style

I agree that adding BBQ sauce, doesn’t make something BBQ. But quasi-BBQ isn’t bad either, & it’s way better than your neighbors setting the over hang ablaze while you’re away. You don’t always have the time to BBQ, but you still want the flavor. Not everyone wants to dedicate their day off with making next week’s lunches either. I don’t always want to come home … Continue reading Pulled Chicken-BBQ style