Ground Beef Stroganoff

Pressure cooker, slow cooker, Dutch Oven or frying pan. You can use any of these to make beef Stroganoff. My Foodi was handi, so I used it. This recipe is for ground beef. To use cubed steak, filet or anything like that; see addition below. 1/4 stick butter 1 lb ground beef 1 medium chopped onion 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 8 oz brown mushrooms, thinly … Continue reading Ground Beef Stroganoff

Teriyaki Wings 5 ways from Sunday

Wings, there are so many kinds & types. Wings to fly, wings to eat, some to watch, some to hear. I’m going to list three ways to cook the same thing. Fry, bake, pressure cooker, Sous Vide, & slow cooker. Dump & go is such a convenience when you are away all day & just want to come home to done. Keep in mind that … Continue reading Teriyaki Wings 5 ways from Sunday