Pressure Cooking Garbanzo-Foodi

You may be wanting some chick pea/garbanzo beans for some dip, hummus or other. I used it for something else (here), but wanted to give you a recipe for the Foodi pressure/crisper. That is, to clear up a few points about pressure cooking, soaking & beans. I only wanted the water from the beans, so only added salt. You can add the additional (optional) list … Continue reading Pressure Cooking Garbanzo-Foodi

Teriyaki Wings 5 ways from Sunday

Wings, there are so many kinds & types. Wings to fly, wings to eat, some to watch, some to hear. I’m going to list three ways to cook the same thing. Fry, bake, pressure cooker, Sous Vide, & slow cooker. Dump & go is such a convenience when you are away all day & just want to come home to done. Keep in mind that … Continue reading Teriyaki Wings 5 ways from Sunday

Pulled Chicken-BBQ style

I agree that adding BBQ sauce, doesn’t make something BBQ. But quasi-BBQ isn’t bad either, & it’s way better than your neighbors setting the over hang ablaze while you’re away. You don’t always have the time to BBQ, but you still want the flavor. Not everyone wants to dedicate their day off with making next week’s lunches either. I don’t always want to come home … Continue reading Pulled Chicken-BBQ style

Beef Stroganoff

As with any meal, other than one pot dumping, there is some prep needed. If you need to get this together before you head out the door, I suggest just slicing everything & pouring it into the slow cooker. Unless you either prep the night before or get pre-cut packaged stuff. Certainly don’t try to take pictures while you put it together (if you’re in … Continue reading Beef Stroganoff

Pressured Corned Beef & Cabbage

Now, similar to cooking more tough cuts of meat (beef), corned beef isn’t the most tender of cuts, & needs a little more time to cook well, even in the pressure cooker. Though it doesn’t always happen, I too, like just dumping everything in & coming back to a finished meal. I cook for other people every day, & unless I’m entertaining or am leaning … Continue reading Pressured Corned Beef & Cabbage