Filtered & Carbonized Beer

Filtered beer & a reasonable carbonizing method

This is to remove many of the “floaties” in your home brewed beer after brewing, during bottling with out priming. “Floaties” are shown in the header photo.
You will carbonate your beer, with a reasonably priced carbonizing soda system with out reconstruction or modifications to the unit. The only catch on this, are the bottle the machine uses. It’s not a beer bottle. Also, on most all of the carbonizing machines, you may void the warranty on your unit using anything other than plain water. This WILL VOID the SodaStream System.

Clear Genius & simple coffee filters shown
SodaStream Fountain Kit

Mine is a manual unit, & it is working fine for both soda & beer, so far. I wanted to have something that was a bit lower priced than a full blown unit to filter & add carbon dioxide (fizz) to my home brewed beer. Mainly I wanted to prove it could be done.
Not that there is anything wrong with floaties or sediment in your home brew, that’s natural, & accepted more as micro brews come on the scene more.
Sometimes you want your brew filtered. This hasn’t anything to do with fining, that’s different.

Filtering again

This method is post, or after, brewing & before the bottling & priming stage. It works fine for filtering after priming is finished as well, as you can see.
You can do this post priming, it works fine, you just have to be more careful as there will be quite a bit of natural carbon dioxide already in your beer.

This is a specific method, using specific products. You can venture into other areas, with other equipment as you’d like.

You will need:

1 Clear Genius Replaceable Filter System
1 Soda Stream Carbonizer/sparkling water
3 Paper coffee filters or 1 replaceable filter cartridge

After your brew is done & you’re ready for bottling.
Put three crumpled filters into the filter cartridge. Wet them with either some beer or water. You can use the proofing beer from your thief.

Used filter

Transfer your brew to the Clear Genius container & let it siphon through the filters. There isn’t much more than that. If you want it filtered even more, & working towards “clearing” up your brew, you’ll want to use the replaceable filter that comes with the Clear Genius set. This will stop the brewing process & should be done in batches as you’ll need to either put your filter in the freezer or discard it. The micro organisms won’t hold well.

Full batch

Once your beer is filtered, pour it into a Soda Stream (or similar) bottle. Secure that bottle to the Soda Stream system & activate it. I use (pictured) the Fountain manual system. I give it three short bursts (presses), & the beer is carbonated. Slowly unscrew the bottle & either put the top on, or pour into your glass.

Loaded & Ready

I used the Mr. Beer Cream Ale recipe kit for the main picture so it could be seen better. It’s not a stout beer, but a malty beer. Very tasty.

The second filtered beer in the pictures is one from the Mr. Beer handbook. Ginger’s Castaway Ale, albeit slightly modified. I used an ale refill that was handy.

Handmade label too

There you have it. I suggest using a manual system, as you can control the amount of the gas that goes in, & “hold down” on any explosions.
Again, I do want to point out in the Soda Stream kit, this will void your warranty. That is up to you. If you’d like less floaties in your beer & filter them away. This is also good for those who fine their beer. This is a decently priced system to use.

I drank my quart of beer, shortly after gassing it, & didn’t have any paper taste to it. Could be I drank it right away, or that there was more than 8-15% ABV.

I haven’t tried this with a fining method, but “figure” it will do the same, easily add bubbles to the brew.

Good luck & happy brewing.

Clear Genius Filtering System

Remember you will void the SodaStream warranty doing this. No link provided.


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