No Drip Condiments

This article is for those who would like to make some no drip, or no mess condiments. It can be for your hotdogs, your hamburgers, maybe slipped in your grilled cheese sandwich, it doesn’t matter. You can dehydrate your condiments, enough to make this. It takes a little while, but it can be done easily enough. Just an FYI. Heat will “re-activate” the dried condiment … Continue reading No Drip Condiments

Salt/Season to Taste

Salt to taste. Nearly every recipe has these great words. I use them often, myself. If you’re wondering what it means, read on. Everyone’s concept of salty is different. Thank you for reading this very short article. I have other great tips, ideas, help & suggestions in this group of short articles.     Just kidding. Salting something is by preference, unless it’s specific “1/4 … Continue reading Salt/Season to Taste